Tesla Model X, Model Y Recalls iIsued


There were recalls issued for the model x. And for the monowai by the national highway traffic safety administration for the model x. There was just an issue with a cosmetic advocate at the front of the roof just behind the windshield for the model x. That if the adhesion process was done without a primer could be at risk for flying off at high speeds of travel. It's a says this could potentially impact about nine thousand vehicles model x. vehicles produced from september of two thousand fifteen to july of two thousand sixteen. And that nigga is not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from this condition as for the monowai. Nitsa says that four model is produced between august twenty eighth and november sixth. There were four hundred and thirty seven. Four which manufacturing records could not confirm that the front upper control arm was probably fastened to the steering knuckle so that just needs to be confirmed or corrected if there are any issues and that's again says they're not aware of any accidents or injuries from that condition

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