Supreme Court blocks strict COVID-19 restrictions on some New York houses of worship


Virus cases surge across the nation. The U. S Supreme Court has signaled a major shift in its approach to pandemic restrictions, siding with individual and religious freedoms over public health, and it involved a legal battle in New York. Sharply divided court has temporarily blocked the state from reimposing capacity limits for houses of worship in covert hot spots. Correspondent Aaron Carter Ski reports. The Brooklyn diocese said its churches have not been the cause of any outbreaks and successfully argued capping attendance at 10 worshippers in neighborhoods with high infection rates violated the First Amendment. The bishop of Brooklyn, said he escalated the legal fight to the Supreme Court because, as he put it, what could be more essential than safely gathering and prayer in a time of pandemic. The court previously deferred to local leaders on Corona virus. These restrictions, but this time, the 5 to 4 conservative Majority said. Even in a pandemic, the constitution cannot be put away and for gotten All the Diocese of Brooklyn shears the decision, Governor Cuomo is downplaying to relevant from any practical impact. Because the zone That they were talking about has already been moved. It expired last week. So I think this was really just an opportunity for the court to express It's Philosophy and politics, and he has that the decision isn't final because the case is still under appeal. Similar challenges of pandemic capacity limits on houses of worship were narrowly rejected by the court over the summer. But that was before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who's since been replaced by Amy Cockney, Barrett.

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