Fangio's patience with Lock pays off in big win for Broncos


Heavy victory monday broncos country. It's always happy when it's victory monday. The broncos taking care of business against the miami dolphins yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. Twenty two thirteen was called a complete team win by so many people starting with vic fangio and then working through the organization all of the players calling a team win. We'll hear from vic fangio here coming up whilst from a happy and relieved drew lock but the broncos dominate on defense six sacks the interception for justin simmons late in the game to seal the win ryan fitzpatrick in and relief at two of who had been knocked out and it was a bunch of people getting in on the act in terms of taxes. John williams with me read. It was bradley job. It was draymond jones. It was demarcus walker. They were all they were all in the mix so it was good to see a complete team effort yesterday. Special teams really. Good they neutralized yukimi grant the stud returner for miami and it kind of relations. You what you thought this team could be. I guess maybe reminds. Isn't the right word but indicate shows you what this team can be when everything comes together. I know that can be a big. If but coming off the effort against the raiders to come back home a team that six and three that had won five in a row to buy low playing great as a rookie and to completely baffle him. Stifle their offense. Just thirteen points are lone touchdown coming early on a really nice catch by devante parker but just a great great effort. And you're on the ground for one hundred eighty nine yards you. Get eighty four for melvin gordon. Plus two scores. Yes the fumbles. Concerning phillip lindsay make plays eighty two yards on sixteen carries. Actually were tied both at fifteen carries for eighty four yards until lindsey was dropped for a two yard loss late in the game and and that ended up being the the difference after the interception

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