Videogames Head for the Clouds


Are releasing pricey new PlayStation and Xbox consoles just in time for the holidays. But that isn't where the video game action is. It's all heading to the cloud. All the major players are looking at the cloud is the way to deliver gaming content and experience. Tech analyst Rob Enderle of the end. Early group says it video and Sony have cloud based gaming services Microsoft's is due soon now. Amazon is joining the crowd in the $150 billion video gaming market and early, says the video game. Mean future is there because you don't really have to buy expensive, hard word provides a much lower cost of entry. So why introduce new hardware is Sony and Microsoft are doing a lot of people won't have the network connection of the late and see they need below. Leighton. See, they need to play in the cloud. He figures give it 10 years in the Xbox and PlayStation will be like eight tracks or your CD collection and for players will open up the door for really mass gaming games with thousands of players at once we check your

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