Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surge in Seattle's King County


A catastrophe his words waiting to happen. In a press briefing, He described the exponential growth of the Corona virus outbreak. I need to acknowledge that cases, hospitalizations continue to rise and King County at alarming rates. Our cases are doubling approximately every two weeks and we reached a new peak with approximately 700 new cases reported each day last week. That's nine times higher than what we saw in late September in about 3.5 times higher than the previous peaks. We saw In the summer and in the original outbreak in the spring, we had close to 900 cases reported on the 19th. We are also seeing a sustained increase in hospitalizations with our daily hospitalizations, increasing 3 to 4 fold compared to October. That's every day 3 to 4 fold More people being hospitalized in King County for the last three weeks we've seen between 101 160 people hospitalized per week. And that number was in the low fifties during most of November. We're also seeing a recent increase in hospitalizations among 80 year olds and older and among the 60 to 69 year old group over the past week, and this is very concerning trend for us, because as you know, Previously majority of our cases and hospitalizations have been in the younger and middle aged adults. Another worrisome sign increasing numbers of APP breaks in the size of outbreaks that we're managing in long term care facilities. We had approximately 61 outbreaks reported over the last four weeks compared to 30 in the prior four weeks. We're hearing a briefing from King County Health Officer Dr Jeff Duchin. I would appreciate it if you could perhaps describe where we're at right now, with the increasing hospitalizations. And the leg of a few weeks before we unfortunately, see deaths increase. How bad might this get? Well, thank you for your question, Charlie. You know, like much of a covert 19. It's hard to predict precisely where we're headed. But all indicators Right now in King County suggests it's going to get very bad, particularly if people gather and significant ways over Thanksgiving are subsequently And if we don't do something differently, we as you know, we've been asking providing information and asking the public to limit their activities and take steps to prevent covert transmission for weeks now, yet we're still seeing a relentless rise in cases. That is now being followed by a significant rise and hospitalizations, significant impacts on our health care system. So theoretically, you know, if we don't get this under control, what we can see is the hospitals filling up. That means they're at capacity both in their critical care intensive care units and with the amount of staffing that they have cannot care for critically ill patients who absolutely need that otherwise, and I don't know how Also, I can express it. The that is about as bad as it gets. With respect to, you know, the impact on our health care system. People not getting a life statement care that they need and was hearing about other hospitals and other parts of the country Approaching that point now So clearly, if the operate continues to progress, the way it's progressing that we will reach that point. I can't tell you precisely when that will happen, But we absolutely need to turn this around before then, that Seattle King County Health Officer Dr Jeff Duchin, I'm Charlie, Harder come. O'Neal's Thank you, Charlie. Come on news time 509 we check in now, with Cuomo's Bill Swartz at the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. The dogs replaced the cubes with the Utes

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