Democrats projected to retain control of the House of Representatives


Of course, they believe they've got a Biden win as well. A CZ I want to take control of both houses of Congress. So far, Democrats have gained one seat. Cory Gardner, the Republican Colorado conceded to the former governor. A moment ago, I spoke to Senator elect John Hickenlooper to congratulate him on his victory tonight. To welcome him to the United States Senate and to make sure that he knows I will support him in this transition anyway, that I can. That flip is somewhat canceled out, though, is the Alabama Senate seat held by Democrat Doug Jones went to the very pro Trump retired football coach Tommy Tuberville in Arizona. While it appears the seat held by incumbent Republican Martha McSally is going to the Democrat, former astronaut Mark Kelly. Exactly said it was too soon to make that call. Kelly himself said he's confident but that votes were still being counted. Some seats are definitely staying in Republican hands. Joni Ernst is keeping her Iowa seat. Lindsey Graham is keeping his seat in South Carolina. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News, however,

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