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This is interesting. Sticking on the apple front cloudflare. An apples say they have teamed up to develop a new privacy. Friendly internet protocol called oblivious. Dns https which decouples dns queries from internet users for more privacy quoting tech crunch. Here's how it works oblivious. Dns over https or odio h raps. A layer of encryption around the dns query and passes it through a proxy server which acts as a go-between the internet user and the website. They wanna visit because the dns is encrypted. The proxy can't see what's inside but acts as a shield to prevent the dns resolve her from seeing who sent the query to begin with what odio h is meant to do is separate the information about who is making the query and wet. The query is said. Nick sullivan cloudflare's head of in other words. Odio h insures that only the proxy knows the identity of the internet user and that the dns revolver only knows the website being requested sullivan. Said that page loading times on odio h. r. quote practically indistinguishable from regular dns over https. And cause any significant changes to browsing speed and quote. Of course the ns is operated by your isp sort of by default which means the your isp knows who you are and which websites you visit. Some isp's sell that data to advertisers. So basically this would prevent your sp from seeing where you go on the web without the need for

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