Who Will Replace Alex Trebek as Host?


On. What's going on with jeopardy? What are they going to do? They got enough. Alex Trebek could go through Christmas. I said two weeks ago, I said Ken Jennings is going to be the new House of Jeopardy. And now they've named him his interim post. He starts taping shows the next week and then the show start airing January 11th. On def He's for the month of January. He'll be on and if he's good, he'll be the permanent host. So that's the intention was always to have him as the permanent, huh? And why would he not be good? I mean, you know, he's not the greatest performer in the world. But either was Alex. You're backing. You know, just a serious, very knowledgeable guy. That's all you have to be on that show. I can't tell you last night. If you're you know if you're watching jeopardy during this odd period, where Alex project is actually deceased, but performing last night on the show he tapped in Okay, but that's no. I'm not kidding. Here's a man who's like six weeks away. No, but he's like, six weeks away from dying, and he's tapped this thing on the show last night and I had is off to him. I never realized what a great guy he was. He's a great guy, and actually You know, he was a lot of fun. He was very smart. He knew jeopardy, and he knew the question that he knew the answers that makes you really knew the stuff that was going on. Ken Jennings has got to be more than just smart at separate E. He's gotta prove to be gregarious. He's a great guy, Ken Jennings and everything you just said he knows this questions. He knows the answers. No one knows the game better than him. It has to be engaging. He has to be sexy. You know what I mean? He has to have some, You know, he asked you out of the tap down, so you know, let's see if you can do it. But I was so impressed last night. Alex Trebek, captain of the show. I'm like Jesus, you're about to die and you're tap dancing. What a great thing. But so if it's that Ken Jennings what's the backup plan? Who else would they? Were they thinking of? There's some talk. I feel like there's some talk going on that LeVar Burton could be a host like something out there. I just feel it, You know, he's he's smart, funny. He's a performer. He's played deputy really well in the past. And he's definitely going to be one of the interim host. And I just hope you that he can't wear that thing that you were on Star Trek around the eyes and then you can't see anything but I think would be great to have contact Qiantang as the host of jeopardy. That would be a funny end to the story. Yeah. Now you know how this business works. I'm sure every low life you know, TV host has been calling begging for the job even before he died. And, you know they're vultures. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure wink. Martin Bell doesn't win part and don't wanna do it Is he still around? Might be 100, but he'd be perfect. All right. What did you do? You do a very good. You know, Mark, you would be a very good husband. Effort it. I gotta be honest. I can't even watch the show. I don't know. One answer to anything. I I I can't watch it. You know when they say the river and the Euphrates that I don't know any of these things. How could I can't financing e just know a cracker. I know Euphrates crackers. They're very good. You know, I played around once against Ken Jennings. Hey, came on the show. We played a round of jeopardy. I did beat him on one question, but he beat me unlike the next six, so Hey, You know what show? I've gotten good at, Well, a fortune. Yeah, that one. I can't watch. I don't know. I just It's I, You know, repetitive. I just can't deal with it. It is, but you know, because we have no place to go between seven and eight, and I'm stuck at home. I've been watching these shows and I've actually gotten good at solving the puzzles. All right. I think I'm becoming a little old lady in waiting. Yeah,

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