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Our guest is a us marine. Who is helped entrepreneurs develop their businesses after being medically retired because of his service in the middle east. He became a certified dog trainer. He started a full service dog facility and continues to support Support the pet care industry to this day. His an interesting one with great lessons for all leaders. Please join me in welcoming dan splendor to the program. Welcome to the program daniel Appreciate you joining us today. Well certainly thank you for having me. Excellent i i i love your background so i'm really interested in hearing more about it and i was hoping you could maybe a a walk through your lures. Your leadership journey. I guess if you will Just kind. Tell us a little bit about About your background and how you've gotten to the point where you are today. Okay well. I i guess i'll just start off. I don't wanna make it long but to start off the entire life. I've always been a leader. And so one of the things that i realized very young when i was probably middle school in going into high school is that while i may not be the captain of every team that i've played sports on or anything like that Many my friends usually looked up to me for answers in directions and things like that and support germ and that actually slowly grew more as i left. Highschool enjoy the military I joined the marine corps. Right out of high school went to paris. Island and became a satellite in channel satellite technician. And so in the military. Obviously there's a there's a heart rank structure and everybody understands that so we are quickly thrown into the low man on the totem pole. When i joined the military but quickly it shows that shows up. Who's the leader news non. And who's going to be moving forward and heading up things and stuff like that. And that's fortunately one of the things i did. When i was in the military's i quickly moved up in taking leadership roles there. Unfortunately my military career was cut short due to getting injured in iraq in two thousand and three medically retired in two thousand four from ring core. And after that. I went back and actually finished up. Schooling in did some other basic work with the intention of starting my own company working with animals and so two thousand ten came around and i finally opened my business. And that's my one of my companies. I open it still in business today. I have four other companies. That i run a nonprofit and Taking over that leadership role if it slowly grown from small things into actually running companies and stuff like that. So i've gone through the entire gamut of things it sounds like it. Yeah i mean and by the way. I mean it's makes these days. It may sound cliche. But i've sincerely mean this. Thank you thank you for your service. I really sincerely mean that my father was a career navy officer so i I have a real appreciation for people like yourself. That have served the country. So i i do sincerely mean that now it you know for people that are outside of that environment. Maybe haven't been part of the military record. They they i know their idea. Their idea of what may be leadership is like in in the military is really different than what it truly is. I dunno fi comment makes sense but help me understand a little bit about what you learned about leadership as a result of having served in the in the marines for the time that you dan i think one of the biggest things nowadays unfortunately the current state of the world many people whoever they whatever generation you wanna call it. Don't see that they need to work for being leader. They just wanna come out in the current situations as having a twenty year old life coach at twenty years old. I don't think anybody has any experience. Be talking about how to be a life coach then again. That's one of the things at the military really gave you an experience because short of having a college degree in going in the officer program. Right out of college you came in as the low man on the totem pole. No matter what and you had to work your way up from the very bottom no matter. What and that again for becoming a leader. That's one of the best things you could ever do is start at the bottom. Work your way up because you how it works for everyone. And when you're put in that position as a leader now can relate to your junior marines at junior military members because you know what you went through back in that day in dealt with and that's the same thing for any other leadership position we hold unfortunately today side. A lot of people think they can just jump right into the general manager. They've no management experience. But they wanna go from basic employees. Do general manager just as they've been in business for a year or two and they don't understand that there's a lot of quality you have learned throughout that and again in the military is a perfect example. The first day in the military you were taught how to tie your shoes That sounds insane but not everybody knew how to do that. You started at the very basics. You're gonna put your leftover. You're right and tie your shoes. And from there forward you started learning more and more and they built you up from the ground up so that you knew everything you needed to notice a rod. And that's i think one of the best things about the military environment that helps rogue great leaders.

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