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For the first time above 30,000 wins news time. 6 21 from the traffic center tonight. Here is Elliot Gosman. Okay, busy night out there as we head over to the path Lines Journal Square to 33rd Service delay due to a disabled train, a journal Square in the Bronx, South bound Bronx River Parkway. Right before Fordham Road Watch for a crash blocking Elaine there North bound Hutch right after his Treatment Avenue, another crash South bound Deegan over Yankee Stadium. That's a crash blocking at least one lane. Heading over to the New York State Thruway. Exit. 12 West Nyack watch for a crash blocking the left lane. It's from a winds caller as we head over to 2 87 westbound before exit nine. A. There's an accident blocking the lane. That's over by 6 84 and in Queens eastbound Grand Central Parkway at the Long Island Expressway Watch for an accident in that area. Is what we see on Long Island's Big three. We have a serious crash on the Northern State Parkway. It's going to be eastbound over by exit. 26 New Hyde Park Road Temporarily. All lanes are closed. They have multiple emergency crews on scene. Ah, car apparently drove into a light pole, so we'll let you know as soon as we get a couple of those lanes open for you again. That's the Northern State Parkway eastbound at 26. Have delays in both directions between the Seaford, Oyster Bay and Eagle Avenue on the Southern State Parkway. I'm Elliot. Gosh, man, our next report at 6 31 on 10 10 wins. Two officers hurt One man killed today after a police involved shooting in a neighborhood

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