Announcement - Record Family Holidays on Zoom!


Hello hello hello and welcome to a. Quick not episode not even update but more of an announcement from caroline. Lachlan your hostess at the most and from paper to people podcast. So here's the deal. I use zoom dot. Us to record all of my interviews. It's a very helpful tool. It allows me to do some editing and to talk to people from all over the world and that's a fantastic thing what it can do for you though is it can allow you this year of all years. When it's more important than ever to utilize holidays. Thanksgiving and christmas. And the eight days hanukkah and kwanzaa to talk with your elders talk with your family. Members extended family members all over the country all over the world. Get them all together in one place in one time. Virtually and throw a question out there like a piece of meat to hungry wolves and then just step back and let them fight it out as to what the true version of a story is. This is the time to take folklore by friends. It's sad but i have to say that part of the reason is that some of us have lost family members or close friends and we don't want to lose their stories so we wanna make sure that we have everything that we can possibly derive and share as a family. The other reason is people are more attuned than ever to using devices and to using tools like zoom dot. Us to speak with one another to record things and keep them for time immemorial. I think it's a great opportunity season. One episode thirty one was called group folklore for the holidays. And i will drop link in the post that i'm going to be making on the blog on the website ancestors alive genealogy dot com and you can listen to that episode for some. How to's about the kinds of questions that you want to ask the way that you want to handle individual interviews versus group interviews and that sort of thing. There are other resources other episodes in the podcast about taking folklore. And i suggest you listen to those as well. Nothing's more than about twenty minutes long. You can listen to it while you're doing some stuff around the house. I think that it will be helpful to you if you want to. Engage your family and take advantage of this moment and collect some folklore at the holidays but more important than that in the blog. Post that includes this. Recording at ancestors alive genealogy dot com. I'm also attaching a wonderful fantastic. How to video that. I found on youtube about how to record your calls in zoom. It is going to be very helpful to you. It's gonna make it very simple for you but it is already. Tuesday and thanksgiving is thursday so if people are being super traditional about it and they are actually eating long distance yet as a family on thursday time to get on it and to make sure that you know how to do this but take advantage of the upcoming weekend. Take advantage of times when you know. People are going to have downtime all at once people together on a weekly basis. If you want make it a family event and tell stories ask questions show photographs. See what people have to say. Zoom will record both video and audio so that you can keep these recordings and you can keep them and share them. You can share them to your family but even better you can edit those recordings and you can save them to family search. If you use the family search one world tree which. i sincerely hope that you do. Because it enriches everyone's experience to have that kind of material on a one world tree. Everybody can get their own memberships which are free. And then they can lincoln to the common ancestors and then share share share. So let's make this an opportunity. Sorry that's sent a mortgage in the background. And i've i don't even edit these things out anymore because i'm so accustomed to it when i'm working. She's just playing with a jingle ball so if you hear a little tinkling and jingling and crashing and that's just my giant thirteen pound year old kitten. Do her thing sent him morgan. The dna kitty. She's one of our sponsors so be sure please to dig into this. It's really easy. Watch the video. That's attached to this blog. Post at ancestors alive genealogy dot com and be sure that you're ready and start using this tool use it going into the entire winter. The winter is not going to be easy in the united states. To say the least i don't know about other countries right now. I just know about the united states. Please use this opportunity not only to take care of yourself and be at home but also to stay in touch with your relatives particularly the ones who may be a little bit shot in and who may be going a little stir crazy. It's a great time to take folklore. Every day is a great time to take folklore. Because you never know what you're going to hear you know what i always say. Expect surprises sir.

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