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Welcome to a special episode of accelerate. Your business growth today. It's just me taking an opportunity to share my motivation and goals behind writing my new book succeed with that selling throughout my career. I've watched small business. Owners and sales people do things that actually make it harder for them to be successful. Their sales practices have actually been working against them. And i find this tragic and unnecessary. I realized that the foundation of these behaviors is a misunderstanding of what works. And what doesn't and it's rooted in decades of experience in education. That is taken us down a really bad road. I'm sure you've all heard of the abc's of selling always be closing at. This has been a mantra since the nineteen eighty s. And i believe it has driven sales people to be so focused on selling that they've created a general feeling that sales is a dirty word. Just think about it when you meet someone and they say their salesperson than they have to apologize for being a person and it really shouldn't be there be that way it really should be a noble profession. It just hasn't been one because of the way people have been acting and you know when we focus on selling we're focused on ourselves and our needs you know we need to be quota we need to make payroll. We have a lease we have to pay. We have to feed our family. Kid needs braces. But guess what a no one cares and be. That's not where our focus should be. I strongly believe that. Instead of focusing on selling we should be focused on learning instead of always be closing the. Abc's of sales are really always be curious throughout the pages of succeed without selling. I address every aspect of sales process from networking to closing to what to do during a sales call. You find real world insights on what to do to be successful. I added chapters for sales managers. Drek sellers is the business business to consumer. My goal is to provide anyone engaging in selling the information they need to implement for a better more productive process. Now sony any small business owners struggle with down. They don't even like the idea of being a salesperson. For the reason i mentioned earlier and who can really blame them when no one likes to salesperson. That's not what a small business owner wants to bay and small business owner wasn't a sales person before they started their business. Many of them don't even realize they need to be selling well. Guess what yet. Gail and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. A traditional salesperson works against us because know likes dealing with a traditional sales person and we ended up getting the opposite of what we're hoping for. So let's just stop the madness xiaowei. This book is for anyone who needs to sell but doesn't know what to do for everyone who wants to be successful and enjoy the process for sales managers who are challenged by eighteen. The isn't delivering the results needed. Now there's a bonus and it's a group of resources in the back of the book and online. These are things like templates sample scripts forms that anyone can use to develop their sales strategy. Listen there's no one size fits all sales process. so yes. There are things that you have to do in sales. You have to prospect. You have to sell you have to quote you have to follow up you know you gotta do all these things but how you do them in. My opinion is very specific. Who you are. Your prospects are and what you're comfortable doing and how structured processes can so if you're someone who struggles with settling in on grab a copy of succeed without selling at your favorite book retailer amazon barnes and noble really just about any book retailer. This book is available. And you know what if you're looking for a holiday gift for your clients for your boss. Employees friends consider getting them a copy of sixteen about selling. It can really be a game changer. And they'll be grateful for

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