The Truth to Shining Brightly & Letting the World See You by Shirley of Daring Living


The truth to shining brightly and letting the world see you by shirley of daring living dot com. Today i wanna share one truth shining brightly and presenting yourself in this world how it all started and some background into my past. Last weekend i attended a series of events held by mpg. Tgi where house honor to connect with a group of exchange university students from taiwan is a program that was involved in during my graduate years so group that holds very dear to my heart was again at the event. I saw my old self. Who as if. I was back there in the organizing team with them just a few years ago struggling and carrying along with me the overwhelming burden of school. The pressure of meeting up to appearance appearances. Society's expectations the constant struggle to finding my passions and most importantly the desperation to reaching that never ending benchmark of set forward for myself. I was never good enough this time. However i was the bystander with much more communist and openness than before i felt the exchange tunes hopes dreams aspirations for the future also saw their personal struggles of finding themselves searching for a place to belong in this world this experience stirred up a gentle reminder. I think we all deserve to hear about presenting ourselves to this world while also staying true to who we are. You do not have to be in the spotlight to shine in this society and organizations today that a certain type of people that everyone looks up to in order to be successful even during my years in business school in every class we were encouraged. Step onto the stage and take the spotlight own. The room with confidence communicate inspire people with our ideas see. We were taught to be leaders. Not just any type of leader. The extroverted charismatic leaders that were highly valued. Sometimes the idea you need to communicate is so important they have to take the stage to express them to the right people but being the center of the attention is not where everyone thrives for me. It is not where i thrive is not where i can be myself. You do not have to be in the spotlight to shine. If you not feel comfortable leading group or being in the center of attention it is okay was important is you must understand yourself and find the best method and environment that suits you where you can effectively and truthfully express yourself and what you have to offer. I used a model these attention loving sociable charismatic extroverts and thought i had to be them in order to be successful in life but the truth is everyone of our personalities is so different. According to the myers briggs personality test we generally group are personality traits in this world into sixteen different types out of these sixteen half of them are extroverts. Matt of the eight only two of them are considered to have the natural charismatic trait mehan. Tj and ian fj. So what does that mean for. Those of us who do not belong as an emt j. or espn fj. While it means that you simply cannot pretend to be someone you are not and he should not have to be even if you are one of the two leadership type personalities. How much do you understand yourself. Be aware of your strengths weaknesses. Any environment that you are most comfortable in but of course these personality tests are just a start because they are just categories and still don't fully define you dive into your past experiences if think about what you enjoy doing try different hobbies follow your curiosities engage and take part in different groups and communities find out the best way for you to express yourself to the world. Perhaps it is through art through inventions through the internet to writing or through verbal communication. What kind of environment. You thrive in his through one on one conversations or in small groups or in a big stadium with hundreds of people to work better by yourself or a team. We are all different. Don't ever compare yourself in your situation with someone else's focus on yourself work on yourself. That's the only way for you to grow what the world needs while we really need are all types of people portraying different strengths in this world. Q. imagine what it would be like if the world is filled only with allowed charismatic extroverts and actually be pretty scary place to be and nothing would ever get done. We do need charismatic. People in this world to inspiring gather people together a will. We need also are quieter introverted. People and leaders who prefer to stay behind the scenes and are not afraid to let others take the spotlight. Moee need our brave people who choose to believe and follow crazy leaders with visions. What we need are committed people who follow through with what they say and can put words into actions when we need are open minded people who can really lean in and listen first before speaking while we need are kind people who have compassion and can show empathy in this cruel world. What we really need are people who have strong self awareness who are honest and truthful to themselves so that men return they can be their best selves to better serve this world quote. Ask yourself when makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive

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