David Dinkins, New York City’s Only Black Mayor, Dead At 93


New York City Mayor David Dinkins has died. He was New York City's first black mayor. Mr Dinkins passed away Monday at his home in New York of apparent natural causes. He died less than two months after his wife, Joyce had passed away. Dinkins beat long time Mayor Ed Koch. How am I done them all right down. In 1989, but then lost after his first term, too. Rudy Giuliani in 1993. He won the 89 election. With a pledge for racial healing. He was passionate about equality, saying he was the mayor of a very He was the mayor of every New Yorker, adding We are all foot soldiers in the march to freedom. The former mayor referred to The people of his fair city as a gorgeous mosaic. He worked hard to camp down the racial tensions in New York City, especially in multicultural neighborhoods. He fought for better housing, health care and was always available to hear the voices of people. Who traditionally were never heard from

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