Everybody Is Their Own Biggest Roadblock | Weekend Q & A


This is gary v audio experience. All right let's go. Let's go a tiffany pretty and then you can pick from their dustin because otherwise it's hard for you to find everybody mcpherson. What's good bro version. Fives in the building in the studio. I seemed chopping. This is fucking crazy. What i'm just sitting here editing. My podcast took a second and now talking to gary. You always works right. I just gotta take the actions. I've just got one question. If you are in a weird niche right. Something like outside of the ordinary. Seems like you've got to explain it to people what is your strategy for making it mainstream waiting again. Say i want everybody to hear this. When i was yapping about social media people thought it was door. Cash it waiting. When you're in a niche it always becomes not an e- ship it was meant to be hip hop was each video games. Were each everything that it matters. Tiktok was shit on by every guy eighteen months ago. You don't even you don't even know how perfect is that. You said waiting listen you don't you probably don't even know what i'm talking about but in human design my friend. You are a projector. Their literal strategy as a person is to wait to wait. You're such a perfect demonstration. I'm gonna hold blog about your whole youtube video. I it's really fun. I love the your i in this because talking about innovation like i literally think the post that i just posted is going to be one of the bigger things i've ever done. I'm not kidding. I think this concept of functional. Social media's wild like you post it but then that triggers. it's the seed of starting something. Like i'm so this is going to be my call. Like definitely my go-to access. I know people want to ask me questions. I know people like interacting with me. I love interacting with you. I love looking josh kaufman space for an hour. Fool around the world. Or i love looking at this tabitha clark of the ask you like i love this shit and but like the fact that i can put out a piece of content anders an easter egg in it. Now and that's like a portal to where you can find me for twenty five minutes like this is going to get fun. It's going to sink again. Because i'm just putting out a scene right now but all of you all the world's gonna make it better but this is just like how cool is this. I post something. It's a trigger to a secret q. And a. session love it. Thank you thank you. Gerald cabrera appease oscar strata. What's good ethan trout. See you as well though martines. But good sean sean. The a. c. You sherman gerard heinz you. What's good what's good. What's good everyone. Who's up sorry. I can't pronounce occupied. I'm probably pronounced seventy seven persons name. That are just said wrong. Don't worry entered. Hey i'm on my mind god okay. I was just finishing writing a song. And i just saw your bait and i'm like okay. Let's see it's four am here in india by the way i'm impressed with the hustle cheeses like no. I don't really have a question for you. Just want to give you a lot of love clears. Because i just a few days back. I shut down for personal going on being in august and one of the last. He's on a bulletin of gondolas. I just posted all your content that i had saved before. They believed to my personal account. And i'm like this is for you guys my last parting gift before i go hand when being an artist and my last was like your pitcher and the post like Patients is underestimated Thing that was the last post that i posted. And i captured i. I'm gonna meet this guy one day not as a fan but as fellow human beings losses. I appreciate my man. I'm so glad we got interacts. Now i wish you nothing. Good loving keep going keep going. We'll talk soon. Thank you iraq everywhere ryan someone. Try and love you. Back david boyd. I see join valentina. Dilatory great to see you. Thank you for being here. Orlando matt i can't see through it. Cedric justin moldy. Matt orlando squeak derek. Aren't i see a lot of things that i can't see their faces. Put your video up. Put your video up. We see those faces. Mere vincent vincent floor good idea. Winston williams dot de que is in the building and he's got big fucking guns. Let's keep it going. I'm ready to talk to humans. I sees our interest speaking to guarantee. You are morgan. My speaking to morgan with tremendous haircut right now

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