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Cheers To Business


Lost one third of my business so at that time and we did it. And we're an episode thirty. And so that's how my studio is growing and now that's going to lead us into the meeting. We should be having with cheers the business. Well i think we did with. The studio is learned. things i've learned. Okay let's do two shows what they want less that this one. How about changing your business and adapting and all of a sudden and then we do one on cheers to business. Okay all right. And then we have to change the intros though louisville. And you won't know that we're doing that because by the time you hear it. Well you hear this but you don't hear you'll hear the new intro not the one that you just record it. That's because you're a magic with editing and we'll fix us by the way five years ago i didn't have the skill. I just decided to do it. One day i left a very profitable company that i'm still paying for. I personally happy. My bank accounts not as hafeez the quality of life. I had partners and god love them. I love them as people. I'm not easy to work for you. Hard to work for. You are absolutely kidding. Kind of being the captain of own ship is been low miser from me. I'm not saying it's the best but it's better for me. Can i give you what. I think you've done wrong. Go right ahead. i agree with you. You try to do everything. Figure everything out yourself and you're scared. You're the only one that can do it right. We'll have also have been burned a couple of times when i brought people on to train them and give them. Thomas still hasn't worked now in the past. I would have given up but what i'm learning now. Is you just have to keep looking you do. There's somebody there is. And i'm gonna found the right recipe of that person that is going to come in. And they're not gonna be some underlying they're going to come in at some certain point in a very short time and be running this video. The only way my company grows is if i have room to create and not be the factory manager absolutely. Who was it that we had on this show that you have to watch your expectations if you set your expectations too high for this person to come in magic. It's not going to happen like that. And i gotta say one of my best partners that i have here as an i do pocket. The do lots podcast with them. We had a very different style of working together and so he has a very type a personality. And i'm older than him and he had a way of pushing a certain way and then i had to show him how to get the most out of a person like me creative how you can get the most out of what i do once. We got on the same page. Boy we work really well together but one of the things he taught me was because he had a. He's had a lot of employees. You have to build in three to four months of failure to keep that person around. They have to have so. I was giving him two or three chances. Not two or three months drum saying among people. I was letting go. So you've got to work in that every three or four times out of ten. They're gonna get it wrong and you've got to say learning moment and stick with it if you believe in them absolutely still learning that it's slowly but surely work in that way so that's one of the things that growing this company in a weird environment too. But i know i have to do it. But everybody thinks they're stuff special but the foundations are all the same. There is no way. did i delegate. This good twenty years ago. No i thought. I expected everybody to workers crazy as i do. And but you have to. Even gary v said in a thing and i don't listen to a whole lot but i do enjoy when i do the that you have to trust your people. Let them do the mistakes when they're going to happen because life learning. That's what katie. And i call it and that they are going to get it right. Eighty seven percent of the time. You had a guest on a while back. She was great. Merry go with oh sales leader. She feels leader. She's national tell you what i don't have that episode handy but anybody that wants to talk about building a team you interviewed her. I'm thinking around march. That's when we started doing. Zoom zoom steph. And we'll get into that. How this podcast. The studio is grown using zoom. But mary brought up the idea and she's trained people all over the country s in the company.

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