Shamley Tucker, Alex Williams And Governor's Office Of Highway Safety discussed on The Mark Arum Show


Never travel time. It's 6 44 on our top traffic jam around town is still the Southside interlude. 25 westbound has reopened, but it's still quite slow coming back for the eye 20 area and on the North Side interlude 25 eastbound. Is there's a crash that wasn't asked for Deputy Road exit. 29 just moved to the right shoulder jam. It dates back to 425 years in the cabin. So quite heavy ramp going 85 north Also, you're out of the bride 25 west. It is slow for 400 rolling past 75 a cop and always have re opened on the South side was still a big, slow zone. 75 south crash at I 6 75 Alex Williams. Full recovery your traffic center five North found brake light Shamley Tucker up to a crash off to the right and Indian trail. 3 60 GS Pound crash Still in the left lane east of I 85 no issues for 175 or 5 75. This report brought to by the governor's Office of Highway Safety last year, more than half the people killed in traffic crashes in Georgia. We're not wearing seatbelts, Many of them would still be alive today. Had they been buckled up, so click it or ticket triple team traffic. 95.5

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