NFL Insider Dan Graziano Breaks Down Week 11

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Dan graziano it is eleven fifty eight. Pm eastern so. Thank you very much man for staying up late behind. After that game. I go right to sleep. That was exciting. Dan graziano is an espn nfl insider. And he will get to sleep soon. We promise fired for game like that. Yeah me too i mean. Let's get into this right off the top here the chiefs. Just beat the raiders. Thirty five to thirty one. They beat the team who is beating kansas city. This season dan back in week. Five about a million years ago. So were you watching for in this rematch tonight. Well to see if they can do it again right. I mean that sounds simple. But like i didn't think their victory over kansas city was a fluke because it seemed like they had kind of a formula that they went out and they stuck to. They didn't win but a certainly could have. And i think that's that's significant because they know that's the team that is in their way in their division. Obviously they're on top of the conference in the league as super bowl champion. So you see the raiders. Draft a running back in the first round last year. That can help them. Control the clock and keep mahomes on the sideline like they did in the first game. They played they draft the speedy wide receiver this year in the first round. That can stress their quarterbacks. I mean they're thinking about the chiefs all the time. They're certainly not on that level at this point as the records indicate but they've constructed a team that can play in a way that threatens the chiefs and it might be able to beat them. So they're not as different as you might inclined to think yet and i have to admit like the difference between pat mahomes and derek carr felt smaller than i ever realized it would tonight. What did you see from these two quarterbacks total commanded of the offense which has not always been him. And certainly since gruden's been there. We've seen a lot more ups and downs. Where he looked like he was a little bit. Lost a little bit uncertain But this is years three with gruden and when gruden got there he talked about competent car up and making sure that car believed he was the guy. So that when you know. When ben came together around him he would be the guy that was in total control of things. And and it seems to be coming to fruition. What he's got. He's got people to throw to nelson agholor like out of nowhere as having a career renaissance in las vegas. He's got two very running back. Got a great offensive line. And i think you know he's playing with a lot of confidence as you would expect him to give all those things now. I think he's taken a big job this year in terms of where. He ranks in terms of the quarterbacks. We feel confident about what we watched the did feel like gruden kinda new like no. It's sunday night football. Let's give the people something that they'll enjoy. What did you most enjoy from. Hearing those play called why. I our love to know what the purple walrus was and i mean i think there are some vegas ones like he dropped. The sammy davis in there at one point and then and then it sounded like they've been paying very close attention to the nba off-season because there are a number of james harden and those who among nfl coaches knows how to produce primetime football. Better than jon gruden right. I mean he did it for for a decade or so for us in terms of operating in that sphere. So maybe i don't know maybe maybe he feels like a showman or maybe they're just having a lot of fun in their in their offensive meetings. They sound like all. The time does not all watching every week but was it so as showmanship goes that lasts. Drive man lake travis. Kelsey had some great moments in this game but that catch at the end mahomes calling him the best tight end in the league game. What did you see from travis kelsey tonight yeah domination. This is this. is you talk about reliability. I mean the the quarterback knows he's going to be where he's supposed to be. He knows he's almost certainly going to be open. He know he's going to catch the ball like it's total complete confidence in a guy in a key spot third down. A guy had throw to the end zone in the final minute. I mean he is the best tight end in the league. I don't think it's even close especially when you know. George kittle is on the shelf right now in the second best tight end. The league is probably the guy that was on hiller sidelines tonight. So there's there's no doubt that he in homes are in sync in a way that very few combinations like that are

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