What do we know about Joe Bidens cabinet?


Us president donald trump was never going to react to losing the two thousand and twenty election gracefully us. President donald trump has never reacted to anything gracefully as we go to air trump continues to insist that he's crack. Legal team are going to unveil conclusive evidence of monstrous voter fraud any day. Now although on current form trump's personal attorney rudolph giuliani clearly. Clearly voter fraud easily. Provable seems just as likely to unveil the heron he has appointed his deputy however earlier this week trump or whoever priced his sweaty phone from his. Tony hands grudgingly tweeted that the us general services administration the body which oversees presidential transitions should do what needs to be done. This will make life somewhat. Easier for president elect joe biden. Who will now have access to government funding office space senior officials and intelligence briefings among other things. It also means that he can name his cabinet with increasing confidence. Very possibly because president-elect biden has wanted to emphasize legitimacy in the face of the incumbents ongoing tantrum vis-a-vis the election results. We've learned a lot quite early about the administration. He intends to lead from january twentieth. Is a team that will keep our country and our people safe and secure. It's a team that reflects the fact that america is back ready to lead the world not retreat from it once again. Sit at the head of the table. We will come presently to who. And what is in biden's cabinet but at least as significant things being as they recently have been is who and what is not biden has not at least as of this broadcast awarded any government position to any obvious crooks crepes clowns ding bats. Yahoos griffis spivs cracks. He's own ghastly children or they idiot husbands but wild president-elect biden does have the advantage of a low bar to climb over. It doesn't mean that he's choices are excused scrutiny especially those pertaining to foreign policy on the grounds that. Us foreign policy often has a way of becoming of the people's domestic reality president. Trump's first secretary of state was to put it charitably unorthodox unorthodox choice. I'm not here to represent the united states government's interest. I'm not here to to did norm. Norma here to criticize it. That's that's not what i do. I'm businessman. Rex tillerson a career oil. Baron wants personally awarded. Russia's order a friendship medal by president vladimir putin president-elect to biden could scarcely have made a moral docs pick as america's top diplomat. And that's where the men and women of the state department foreign service officers civil service. That's where they come in. I've witnessed their passion their energy their courage up close. Antony blinken is a career foreign policy. Boffin who served as deputy secretary of state and deputy national security adviser during the presidency of barack obama with national security advisor trump also tried to be a bit left field. He named lieutenant. General mcmaster a serving soldier and actually not a ridiculous choice. Mcmaster is a smart serious and sensible man and all of those reasons fell out with trump. who replaced him with incorrigible. Neo-con head banger. John bolton who only looksmart serious and sensible when standing next to donald trump but this arrangement proved unworkable. Good to everyone. I'm paul affairs. We are coming on the air right now with our breaking news just moments ago. President trump tweeting that he has asked his national security adviser. John bolton to resign. Joe biden has named jake sullivan. I pledge to you. And to the american people that i will work relentlessly in service of the mission you have given us to keep our country and our people safe to advance our national interests and to defend our values who was the president-elect's national security adviser when the president-elect was vice president he also helped negotiate the nuclear deal with iran from which trump famously flounced trump's first. Us ambassador to the united nations was not a completely absurd choice former south carolina governor nikki. Haley he's second ambassador to the. Un was a completely absurd choice. Prodigious republican donut kelly craft. It could actually have been worse. Trump wanted to appoint his daughter. Ivanka but griped that he would be accused of nepotism. I've heard i've already vodka. I've heard how good woody vodka the people that know. There's nothing to do with nepotism. But i want to tell you the people that know no that evacuate would be dynamite about You know then. Be accused of nepotism if you can believe it right. This was accurate in as much as demanding money from bank tellers. Gunpoint can lead one to be accused of armed robbery. I want to say to you. America is back. multi-lateralism is back. Diplomacy is back.

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