Senator Lindsey Graham, Mr Trump And Lee Grover discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show


The pandemic changes America's religious habits. New Jersey braces for recreational marijuana and the Dow Jones. It's 30,000 points for the first time ever, also coming up the message of the day. But first Senator Lindsey Graham and others are encouraging Mr Trump to run for the White House in 2024 if his legal challenges fail. The Republican telling members of his party quote. We can't let the movement die on Lee Grover Cleveland serve two nonconsecutive terms. He's officially the country's 22nd and 24th president 83% of US adults reporting severe anxiety over the fate of the nation this November. Another 72% believe America is at its lowest point since the revolution. Majority site Racial Tension Cove in on the 2020 presidential election as a significant source of stress in their daily lives. Survey from Ohio State University showing 40% plan on enjoying Thanksgiving with at least 10 people and a third won't require guests to wear masks inside the house. Good for them. The study comes as covert surges in all 50 states. In fact, in about a million people per week and killing 1000 each day in the United States, the global pandemic impacting our religious practices. 60% of US adults say they prayed for the end of the Corona virus outbreak. That includes 49% of those who rarely worship or who have no affiliation with the church or synagogue. Most prayers in November were held in private. Seven and 10 are still staying home on Sundays to avoid the virus. Residents in the Garden state preparing for the legal sale of marijuana, starting in 2021, New Jersey, lawmakers must agree on the specific Cannabis tax.

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