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Ahead right now. Check traffic and weather on the twos sponsored by Gary Barbera. Support for toys for tots. Steve. Thanks. Hey, Paul. We've got a problem with the Burlington Bristol Bridge like It's not a problem. It does this every once in a while, but you're gonna stop because all traffic is coming to a stop at the Burlington Bristol Bridge. We are on standby for an opening. Now we're not seeing any other problems with the bridges. Things are looking pretty good on all of the other ones in the area. But if you're in a hurry, don't go to the Burlington Bristol. Right now. Now we've got a fire. It's under control in West Philly and 54th in Baltimore and Market Street eastbound on 51st. You still want to stay away from that ongoing investigation from a shooting and resulting car crash? Not seeing any problems right now, if you're on the eastbound Scougall Expressway, westbound is jammed University, the 30th Street ongoing construction there. About a 10 minute back up. And then on the eastbound Scougall. There is a tiny delay right around Montgomery Westbound. You got some slow traffic on the Vine Street Expressway. As you approach the Scougall Expressway that is just volume and then where you get to the Narrow shoulder. There were they do some construction on 95 north and south bound. Everything's really in pretty good shape. City Avenue. There was an earlier accident there was down near Lancaster Avenue. Looks like you're not seeing any problems. With that. However, there are traffic lights that are not working properly. City Avenue just above Cardinal, That's it. Lapsley, Mass Transit, Not seeing any big delays, your next updates and less than 10 minutes. Teri Barbera wishes you a happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow the feast, But Friday go out to the Great Northeast because every car Barbara's got help support troops. Toys for tots is Barbara and toys for Tots. The best boy, I guess Gary Barbara has one more thing to say. Happy Thanksgiving Day in the K y w News Radio 24 hour Traffic Center. I'm Stevie Reese. Now. The forecast from NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley. Rain is heading our way for tonight and into Thanksgiving Day, but we will stay dry today. Partly sunny skies and the temperatures are rising for the rest the morning we'll see those numbers climb into the mid fifties and up to 58 degrees this afternoon southwesterly winds They were from 10 to 15 miles an hour aiding in the warm up Today, clouds are back tonight. A few scattered showers later this evening. Then the steady arraign moves in overnight tonight and will be with us Thursday morning to start Thanksgiving Day off. The tapers off to some scattered showers in the late morning and early afternoon hours. Some late day sunshine is possible and it will be mild from 51 to start with 2 64 for high on Thanksgiving dry conditions on Friday, partly sunny and it will still be mild. A high of 62 after morning low of 49 degrees. I'm NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley with your most accurate forecast. Count on a brightening up now. 51 degrees, mostly sunny in center city. And the forecast is sponsored by colonial marble and granite. This check on Wall Street now sponsored by Crash proof retirement dot com, where you can see videos of people who have peace of mind with her own crash proof retirement system. The Dow Jones is now down 220 points. NASDAQ is off to the S and P Is down 15. Find the nation's largest selection of countertops, a colonial marbling granite with over 5000 slaps and 500. Different colors, Get a fully installed courts or granite countertop. Rose Lewis 14

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