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I can tell you DVD HD to Detroit 7 60 wjr were Detroit comes to talk. The Dow Jones industrial average is breaks a historical record reaching 30,000 atoms. Industrials took almost the entire year to get there. After reaching 29,000 at the start of January. The next 1000 points were pretty hard to come by, and we only got here after a blowout month so far best since 1987 on pace for the best November since the 19 Twenties vaccines more stimulus on a possible Janet Yellen nomination and science of the White House transition has Wall Street optimistic, and that's propelling stocks of benefit from a reopening and return to normal and you travel stocks like airlines cruise lines in hotels. Jim Operators banks, which trade depending on where the U. S economy goes, Oil stocks are up on a recovery in oil prices and also underperformers like IBM, McDonald's and Visa getting a lift today as well, certainly reporting, and along with that Bit going crossing the 19,000 mark for the first time in three years President elect Joe Biden introducing key members of his incoming national security team today. President elect Joe Biden is assembling a national security and foreign policy team, he says will restore America is a global in moral leader. We can't solve all the world's problems alone. We need to be working with other countries. We need their cooperation. We need their partnership. Long time foreign policy. A Tony Blinken is the President elect's choice for secretary of state by National Security advisor. His vice president, Jake Sullivan, will serve his White House national security advisor. Former Secretary of state John Kerry will return to government serving in a newly created position. Special envoy on climate Change Jared Albert Fox NEWS Michigan reporting 6290. New covered 19 cases and

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