Young Journalist Gives Angela Rye Interviewing Techniques


One in the senate steady strapping to right. Not people of god and everything. You're doing yourself very good thing you so we have a little bit of a connection issue so hopefully clears the soon. He is a little grainy but all yana. I've been doing something. Called a master class and a masterclass has been with people who have excelled in their tracks. Houston is someone could help me be better journalist and author writes questions so i wanted to talk about how you got started. You know high got interested in this word you anything else about your back now so go. Basically how i started is actually start out with model. Oh i used to do all different Show the modeling at one day near fast food. And there i as you this record of raw cassie a recovered hosting class. And i really enjoyed it. Elect okay. i wanted to hear from some of the kids segments. Beg morning america had asked sheasby will like latisha ride. Carol burnett shows clayton in out of time with that. And then after i was like okay. This definitely what i wanna do often is starting looking for other ways. I could that and we came across the time magazine for kids conscious. As in i became one out of ten of their reporters for sunny twenty nineteen school year and i was their youngest reporter. Those in a bunch of other stuff has happened. Kelly clarkson show may interact with access. Hollywood huffington i also became the youngest member in the history of the photo few socialization of black journalists. And i got since my first National association of Invention last year. I've got to do this year. But it's virtual By it was so fun and very educational route janas. So let me ask you this Of policy that avenue had insurgents yet. So what did

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