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If you were to evaluate the landscape and let's say you. Let's say bill didn't exist today and you were to look at the available tooling out there and maybe find that there are some other self hosted kinds of things and would that have deterred you you know. Just kind of trying to rewind back if you had found something kind of filled that that need for you would you have gone and built something yourself or was that really the the critical kind of crux of the matter. That didn't exist yet and you wanted to. I think if i'd found what i was looking for the time i probably built it I just felt compelled for this thing to exist because my problem. The problem wasn't solved. If someone had sold to. Or any for me. I would have been great. I would have been very very happy and over the moon 'cause i'm way more about the problem being solved in solving the problem myself And so yeah. I think that if if the tool head existent of her would have used it already. But it didn't so i just felt like the need to build it so that's the story it it it was this. This need that you had and you were able to recognize that you're able to see clearly can of what you wanted to do. You saw the other competing or not even competing but can of the pieces of the puzzle. The different pieces of the puzzle One did one thing you liked another did another thing you liked but they didn't you know none of them did everything that you needed them to do. It wasn't necessarily. I'm going to put words in your mouth wasn't necessarily because it was a novel idea was because it was a mix of multiple ideas that had already been executed on just not together. Would that would that. Is that true. Yes that's right. I wasn't i took the best of both worlds sir Felicitous that may not know much about cic d- There are two different sort of flavors of cic d. The flesh flava is the self hosted option. And that's you run the tests yourself on sevens that you control and then you run the plane yourself as well And that's going to be done in in if you have a distributed team where the needs to access the tool from harm A lot of these tools aren't really that great of being run on open internet so a lot of sort of kept within. Vpn's or hidden inside offices that's the self hosted option. The other option is the hoisted cic de tolls Your circles you travis's and and those tools you handle that. Will you occurred to them and they manage the orchestration plane and the running tests yourself. The problem with that is twofold but the host options are two major problems. The first problem is you have to you. Have to handle a all of your employees if you want to do continuous deployment which i'm a big fan of Yet the beautifully keys to potty which for some organizations is inaugur the second problem is those tools ernie go so fast if you go to their pricing page. We'll see the slider that earning goes so far out of the rut and you can integrate lost without there. Being a big sign that says contact us to go foster And i didn't want any of those. I didn't accept the cons of the hosted option. It didn't accept the cons of the self hosted option. And so i was thinking to myself. Surely there is some middle ground And so i sort of set out to kind of cherry. Pick the best of both worlds sort of crepe credit mashup of what i thought would be the perfect tool and that's kind of how do was born and i wanted. I wanted to zero in on this idea. Because i think it's important to recognize especially for engineers who are kind of thinking. Oh i have this idea. And it doesn't exist but people can do it themselves if they go and you know mix x and y these two existing things out there A lot of these ideas that tend to be A kind of remixes of multiple other ideas together or you know taking one thing. The best of both worlds like you said. The new product is multiplicative in value. rather than additive. Right in other words somebody could probably go and run. You know two different things to get this same values but when you put them together. It changes the landscape. It's not the same thing is just running those two things back to back. It's changing Kind of the fundamental shape of that product in so it's important to recognize that because critic most critically i think a lot of people who are thinking about starting a business or they're you know they're they're thinking. Hey you know. I'm i'm might do the side thing. I might build a product on the side. I think a lot of them are thinking. Oh i have to come up with a truly new completely novel idea. or outs. Nobody's going to want it right. There can't be at shadow of this idea on the market. Otherwise you know it's it's already saturated every ideas already taken. And i have to come up with something totally new for to be successful and it couldn't be further from the truth. Yeah that's exactly right. There's no such really. there's no such thing as a new idea I think south park said it really. Well they have this episode of the simpsons already did it and there's a recurring joke where they have these themes or plots within the episode. But simpson's already done that particular plot. It's the same product as well. If you look at the big ones rubio burs taxis But they sort of took it and did a mash up and made it better airbnb. Her tells But they've taken it mashed up and made something new. See i city. I didn't invent the i. C d i didn't invent it at all. I just took the best of a bunch of really good ideas and put them together to create something new a new product. And i think that's kind of what a lotta the tools these days. I just improvements of existing ideas.

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