FRCA and PPP Forgiveness with Dr. Gia Wiggins

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And make sure that you're giving that to your payroll company and your tax professional and keep that separate from their regular vacation and on pto and sic time. What did they get it twice if they get it twice. But they've already used up their eighty hours. They don't get another is not they do not get as is not eighty per event If they and that's happened quite a bit with people not having policies companies not having policies and procedures and let's say that they had someone that came in and i was exposed to go that which every company i'm going to go on a limb and say that every company in america has had some employees to come up to them and said i've been exposed because every we've all been exposed okay and so then they may go ahead and pay them. The eighty hours not required that the person get tested before they can get the money and didn't really get anything from any type of medical care provider. That says that they can return to work so they used our eighty up because they were exposed because they went to a local watering hole. And so what. I've always shared with clients and friends and colleagues alike is just because someone walked in the door and they said. Hey i've been exposed or hey i think i have cove it. You don't have to start the payment that you don't have to go. We need to put it in annex payroll cycle. You can actually wait until they provide you with documentation to make sure that it's under one of those conditions and then go back and pay them the eighty hours for that time. I mean you did not have to do at the moment that they shared it. You could wait a couple of weeks and wait for the documentation to see how much you were going to have to pay out. I have not heard that this whole entire time unlike wait. Let's get the documentation if they tell you. They've been exposed. Okay they can bring you back positive result or something from the doctor sanda physically. They needed to quarantine for whatever reason. We can wait until we get that documentation before you make any type of payments to make sure that it was not a fluke. Because i've had so. Many companies called me to say that. They had a person that said that they were going to test it. They paid them for at least forty hours of f. c. r. a. And the person never got it. I could see that happening. What have people got great vacations during this time. So i mean it's very important to have processes in place and not make knee jerk decisions a reactions. If you have a process that works for you then you can do it. The way that you're supposed to okay. I want you to stop right now and tell everybody how to get in touch with you and your company. Okay so my company is a morale resource and we are a human resources consultant company. We've done a lot of focus lately on processes and procedures around cova and things that are happening right now but we are process procedure

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