A highlight from They Macchiatod a sugarplum Dunkins experiential thing. Microsofts eSports binge. Boeings stunt marketing.

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This is nick this jack and this is snacks. Daily it is friday. The real friday december fourth markets rose yesterday to a record high on real traction in washington. Dc for another covert economic stimulus. Package jack without the story books here is this a goldilocks situation. We found ourselves. It's not the two trillion dollars. The democrats want it. It's not the half trillion dollars that republicans wanted. It's a warm cozy one trillion bucks. Jack you're not gonna burn your tongue but you're not gonna be left in the cold either t. b. wide nick. This is the best one. Yes so jack. What's our first story. What do we don't gins. Newest drink is an eye candy colored changing sensation. That you gotta post jack. It's actually a whole new category of commerce. What is commerce e commerce but without offline. It's not online. Yeah i forgot that it used to be a thing for our second story. Boeing is pleased to announce the seven thirty seven. Max is safe and ready to fly you somewhere. We'll put it simple. Sacrifice stunt marketing works elephants and all thirty two final story. microsoft couldn't end up acquiring tiktok so it's a little bit of revenge. Spending images bought itself eastport startup. Because it's got some e sports from before. He does to recreate stories delight in the iphone to buy things neck. Jack like snagging that zara scarf from the comfort of your couch from your iphone actually never really figured out how to full the scarf around my neck. And i was just thinking the same thing. I know it's really. It feels like it would hurt well. It's knackers congrats if you are an online shopper. Your mobile shopping is destroying corporate logo. That's rights knackers. Unique creative logos are the victims of the mobil. Economy logos used to be an art form. My god checked your member. That whimsical confusing lettering of the chief saint laurent logo. I do it was like very dan. Brownie nature like an anagram was messing with you is intense or the charmingly millennial script pinterest p. It never gets old alan's fantastic. Perhaps you just appreciated those fantastic bees. All over the burberry scarfs again. They nailed it whole lot of saraf on those things. Not the scarfs that trenchcoats. That's what berber does. But sadly all three of those fascinating distinctive logos are no more. They're gone they're done. They've been changed. That's because the size of an app on your foreign screen. You appreciate those fun. Little details packed into those logos. Squinting is the enemy of clicking. That's right so logos overall across the whole economy. They've become more saen serif more block. Orange more similar more or or trying to say is the iphone shopping. You're doing it killed the cool logo. We'll tweet out some great examples from teaboy jack. Abbott nicholson. you're in the meantime. Let's stores daily about the rain. Food is candy. They don't reflect. The views of her family is just so napb recommending any securities. It's not a research report or investment advice not offer or sale of a security that's next digestive business news video financial. Llc member favors less pc four. Our first dunkin's newest drink isn't just a color. Changing virology to pump deborah and our buddies at dunkin pioneering. An entirely new category of commerce leaner go in deborah. We haven't really decided we're we're told going going by the way jack. You know it could really help you sort through. These important issues is it. Orange mocha frappuccino by. We gotta get this out of the way viral drinks. They're nothing new starbucks has been doing this. Since two thousand three pumpkin spice latte back in two thousand and three. They also came out with a pink and purple unicorn frappuccino and now most recently a skittles frappuccino. They've got an entire secret menu devoted to these like highly postal drinks. It's simple playbook basically do this seasonally seasonally exclusive which drive sales because you can only get it like once a year and then you get a bunch of free organic marketing because people talk about it and post pictures of it one two now. That's what's happened. Typically when it comes to viral drinks sensations but duncan has managed to innovate on that. And and i just noticed it yesterday. They just launched the sugar plum machi out. That's right they mock yod. A sugar plum. This thing is like an alien berry smoothie it's kind of like a jumba juice exploded on a barista. It changes colors. As you sip this thing straight out diagonal out. And that's the kicker this drink actually evolves as you're consuming. Pumpkin spice can't do that. It took dunkin four years to concoct this thing but it's only taken twenty four hours for to take over social media. Yeah we haven't seen the financial numbers yet but when it comes to the social numbers this one drink got two hundred and fifty thousand tiktok views and one hundred thousand instagram views in. Its first day. This glittery move by. Dunkin is the opposite of what every other food and beverage chain is doing right now. And that's what jack. And i found so fascinating because mcdonald's taco bell starbucks all of them are streamlining their men's these days because of covid they're focusing on their core simple profit puppies because they don't have time for everything else. Mcdonald's is wanna get fancy with some plant based chicken mc this or that. They're just doing the nuggets and they're just gonna do the six pack on the other hand. Darlene duncan they're whipping up their most complicated drink ever dozens of flavors tossed into our culture. The eye is the newness by the way. There is a deborah in boston. Who's really unhappy with the change. We just made. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at dunkin. Which by the way is being taken. Private won't be a public company for much longer. We're seeing an evolution experiences experiential retail. Now we have experiential products knackers. Here's how this goes down jack and are writing the history books on the stink. I we saw overall shift among millennials and that was to start paying for experiences instead of buying things if you graduated between like alway and fourteen. You weren't dreaming about buying a house or a boat. You're dreaming about booking airbnb to experience a new city in somebody else's house there's about sharing that about owning but then we started seeing that carryover into stores with experiential retail from all those experiences our favorite example all birds which stuck a human sized hamster wheel and its new york city so location. So you could try on the shoes and run in the shoes in the store in a hamster wheel. But here's the insane thing about this moment. You can't do experience travel right now. And you can't walk into experiential retail stores right dunkin's response and experiential product. The sugarplum macchiato drink transforms as you consume it. So you enjoy more as you use it in a world where experiences and experiential retail aren't possible dunkin. Just machi out. A sugar plum. It turned its product into an experience. Four seconds story boeing seven thirty-seven. Max has finally been cleared to take off. Well now they get the real challenge convincing everyone that the plane is safe to fly now. Staggers we have not talked about boeing. Awhile here jack. And i have not even seen much news at a boeing. But it's been about twenty months since their second seven three seven max plane crashed which sadly took three hundred and forty-six lives the two crashes combined took three hundred and forty six lives and it's been about twenty months since then and hundreds of seven three seven. Max jets have just straight up on the ground completely grounded literally raking up. Parking fees boeing's employee. Parking lot is filled with over four hundred completed planes. That nobody's about yet known wanted to find them. No one wanted to buy them. They just sat in their parking now. After improving the software and the safety that led to the crashes two years ago. The faa has finally cleared the seven. Thirty seven max to fly again so powerful moment that requires one big question. You gotta ask yourself. Do you want to fly on

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