Jared Halpern, Alma Rupert And Fox News discussed on Charlotte at Six


Bill is unlikely to go anywhere and then the Republican led Senate on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern Fox News With a W B t traffic. Here's Boomer. Thank you. And hundreds feel delays. I 77 north bound lanes are blocked. Is that 22 Mile marker Just before exit 23 Gilead Road traffic is being diverted into the express lanes petition heavy backups here. So with us 21 or in C 1 15 as an alternate for North bound 77 as then, if you make your way across the lake on north pounds and exit 31 Lane three road have an issue with an instant as well. To go with the N C. 1 15 as an alternate up to mount more have a collision before 85 Alma Rupert exit the one South try on Also a collision to the west on Mount Holly Road near Belle. Me Drive. It's Bo time. How do you like your state? How about country Because of Bo jangles, fine dining these thick hardy country fried steak and right now snap up two steak biscuits. For just four bucks this boat time Boomer von Kenan wpbt traffic Now for your W B two sports here is sharing Thor is Lynn After a nine month layoff, the Hornets were finally back on the court today, holding their first group practice of training camp. After their prolonged layoff, coach James Borrego says they've got a lot of work to do. We're trying to accelerate

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