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The sancho an rn. We're last week. We went to our oldest museum now. Reborn an open last saturday and after the australian museum. Let's visit the wwl museum already open for two weeks and doing so very well. Here's director alec coles so the new museum in perth is w museum boulevard. Boulevard means many stories in the local language many stories absolutely and i must confess i have just done a drone tour of the huge museum and quite giddy by the size and also terribly impressed by the combination of traditional buildings and brand new glass. Twenty-first-century ones how did you manage that. Well i have to pay tribute to the architect hassle maitha that they've done a fantastic job and in fact one of the comments that the number of people have made is extraordinary integration of the old and the new so we have a series of five heritage buildings spanning a period from bedding fifty fifty five up to nine thousand nine hundred thirteen and then of course we have all the new build and they've managed them altogether quite brilliantly including for anyone who visited the old site when it was fully functioning. Would that it was actually very difficult to navigate ran. Some of the differences in levels. Were really difficult. I remember it. Well we remember. It goes all the way to one end of the bill. Get a lift in the way back down to lift to the other bit will now. There is a horizontal loop. That's a key part of the design that allows you to go right around the building at level one step. Yeah once i took the wrong turn ended up in fremantle every chance every chance. That was true. Now hell the opening the opening was antastic. So on saturday morning premium mcgowan and the david temperament before the official lightning with a largely number people who were members of the public who had applied for timed tickets through ballot. Because we knew we would be overwhelmed by the number of people who want to come in. The great thing is that the government has guaranteed free admission for the next eighteen months at least but we still to have ticketing just to control the numbers. Obviously we said for this first week and we reckon we get about fifty thousand people through which demand for four hundred and twenty thousand tickets. Wow which is i say is more people visited the museum in a year. Isn't that incredible well last week when we had mckay on the radio talking about these stray museum which by an amazing coincidence opened a week after yours. She said she was having free entry. And i think the fact that you're boasts doing it is a mark of civilization in these difficult times. Thank you. I would would agree with that. Obesity and i certainly pay tribute to the government to time when the economy's not been as best we've had to deal with covid but something like this and certainly kim's case the australian museum here with the w museum boulevard. Which as you say is of such a scale you're never gonna sit in one or two or three or ten visits you're going to need to come back and back and back and that's why the free entry is really important. I think i mentioned in the beginning. And i wasn't talking only about architecture talking about sponges. The promise was when i didn't interview about a year ago with one of your scientists. The promise has though sponges at the bottom of the sea with those meet along swords of glass holding them to the floor. What's it look like. That exhibition will. Actually the sponges are featured in a whole number places. And there's a wonderful sponge garden which speeches many many species. The person you will have spoken to last year is the wonderful. Dr james fremont and actually one of our stuff told me the other day they find a lady in front of that he was sexually in tears because she thought he was such a beautiful display. There's a serious side to this. As you know robin sponges in order to maintain their of personal space as it were will exude chemicals to prevent other things growing around them and the medical potential of those kind of chemicals is absolutely immense so behind this very steady very beautiful. Display of sponges spice. Very much on. James research is a very serious story whereby we have a big collection research center deep-frozen to similar minus eighty two degrees celsius and those tissues are being used all kinds of medical research particularly in cancer treatment. Isn't that incredible now. The range. I think you can predict what you've got there. We've talked about some of the water archaeology. You've got obviously a separate museum for marine archaeology and the marine side. But you've also got representations in your new museum as well as some of the aboriginal history. what's that like as a display. Will the great thing about that is. It's not a single display. There is indeed a display which we call non court pudgy which means our country spirit. Which is the first gallery. You kanter as you come in which really provides you with a a welcome into the wechat newer country with which based but then takes us to aboriginal is right around the state and deals with some pretty contested history as well as you might imagine but the comment that so many people have made to me is they've never actually seen aboriginal. Torres strait islander narratives so deeply and widely woven throughout the whole museum. So there isn't a single one of the eight galleries where you will not find aboriginal terrorist line voices and so a great example of that is ago recode origins which deals with from the beginning of the universe really right up to the most contemporary science emerges in whitefield or right puddles square kilometer array radio telescope and through that gallery. There's a wonderful introductory immersive area local. Another man no nannup narrating

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