Democrats Have to Play by a Fierce New Set of Rules


Every single day. We get some kind of reminder. Of the reality. That Republicans who right now. Control the Senate and the White, house but even when they just control the Senate. Even when they just control a a part of a single branch of government, they didn't control the House and the Senate during the Obama Administration for most of it they just controlled. The Senate one part of the legislative wing of our government. And yet with that one wing. They effectively blocked. Most of Barack Obama's legislative priorities, hundreds of. A. Federal Judicial appointments that he hoped to make they literally stole a Supreme Court nomination away from him a supreme. Court appointment when he nominated Merrick Garland and they literally would not even hear it would not even allow it to come to the floor. Now we see. Real life voter suppression before our eyes. And if you don't understand and I saw many conservatives say now let's not voter suppression if you don't understand how having people wait in line. For Ten to twelve hours is a form of voter suppression. You're dumb. I people around the world saw it and said. Oh, my God I've never heard of anything like that in my life particularly people from the world's developed countries and I, and I'll say the world's fifty most developed countries said I've never waited more than five to ten minutes a day in my life yesterday people were waiting in line for ten hours twelve hours literally writing me showing me the videos I lived in Georgia for almost twenty years in we saw it and they did this by in some counties closing virtually all locations to vote. In counties that have a million people they would now have one place you could vote and in in the inside, this is what this is. What baffled me These places were understaffed sometimes with two to three people sometimes with two three voting booths. In the primary location in Cobb County Georgia, which is part of Metro Atlanta. They were only allowing about sixty people in our to vote. Well when a few hundred people are in line. It all of a sudden when people I got there like, Oh, it took me two or three hours to vote. By the time, it got lunch. People had been in line for seven hours. People were in line from the darkness of the morning to the darkness of the night. They had too few voting booths with one voting location and too few staff members inside. This isn't an accident bis done on purpose everybody knew. That yesterday was going to be an engaged day of voting. But people in counties all over this country. have done what they can. To use their power. To make sure they suppress voters it's voter suppression because most Americans can't cannot stay. For for for two hours. Most Americans literally can't afford to take an hour out of their data vote people had to leave to go pick up and drop off their kids people had worked to do people have medical concerns that that don't allow them to stand up or be in line of be outdoors for so many hours. It's preposterous. Yes. It's a form of voter suppression. Two days ago I was excited. because. A federal judge overruled the governor of Texas who said in our counties over Texas you can only have one place to drop off your ballots one box to drop it off some counties in Texas. If you've never been are enormous and he said listen, you can only have one place to drop off your ballots and a judge overruled that and said, no, that's arbitrary in particularly in your biggest most populated counties, it's also a form of voter suppression because now some people might have to drive a mile but some going to drive thirty miles the people who don't have. Access to cars people who cannot necessarily afford public transportation. This is unnecessary. You can have countless. All over the the cities and counties. and. They overruled the governor said, yes you're county can have multiple ballot boxes for people to drop off their ballots. And early this morning while we were all asleep. A panel of three judges. All appointed by Donald Trump. Unanimous unanimously said, no, no, no, the governor's right. These counties they can only have one. That's what he said. It's okay. They can only have one. How did that happen? Donald trump has appointed more judges in his three and a half year. Than almost every American. President has ever appointed in two terms in great part because when he became president when Donald Trump became president Republicans blocked countless. Of Vacancies in in the District Court positions. And consequently when trump came into office, there were over one hundred of them still open and he has appointed all over this country inexperienced young people that have lifetime appointments to these roles. Democrats and Republicans. are playing by a completely. Set of

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