Amy Coney Barrett: Trump Supreme Court nominee sidesteps questions


Judge Amy Cockney barrettes getting a lot of pointed questions. For members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Let's go live to Capitol Hill, W. GOP's Mitchell Miller today on the Hill, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the committee, fired off several questions on major legal matters, including abortion. Do you agree with Justice Scalia's view that row was wrongly decided, if I express a view on a precedent, one way or another, whether I say I love it or hate it. It signals to litigants that I might tilt one way or another in a pending case, And in response to questions from Republican Senator Chuck Grassley and Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, Barrett made it clear she's had no discussions with the White House about how she might rule in cases involving the affordable care act or the upcoming election. It would be a complete violation of the independence of the judiciary for anyone to put a justice on the court as a means of obtaining a particular result. Republicans have praised Barrett during the hearing, which is now in a brief break, Senator John Cornyn pointed out. She has no notebooks in front of her, except for a small white pad. Is there anything on it? That letterhead that says United States Senate that Zim president reporting live on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller. W T O P

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