58: The Dreamer

Israel Story


In a math whiz ended up in group seen. I was amazed I was so amazed it after the second month in this school I wrote a letter defeat sent his letter to the local. Newspaper and to his utter surprise, it was published the following morning. The irate school principal marched into defeats classroom paper in hand and demanded an explanation. She could do Mike. Lussier was very furious I. Remember who woods give us a chance. We are new school but divvied olive twelve years old I'll remind you didn't feel like there was time to give it a chance and he was proven right. The following year his friend as a dropped out of school and found a job working construction. Appease treated like an embassy. He was not an embassy though he was often vocal about it things didn't really change. Year after year class after class to feed. Saw In teachers is a dismissive -ness of sometimes even a repulsion towards the culture and mindset of his peers bothell domestic port with to modernize is reduce. Yes. He Dan again and how to modernize their is basically. To discard the. History and culture. This was part of the idea of integrations. In High School, when in his classmates were taught Jewish history, they learned about Hilton invites men not the sages of Babylon or Ibanez. And that according to Yo see was no accident. Intervening Variable which is out. So. Basically. The conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors you'll see says, sent a clear message Israeli and Were mutually exclusive categories if you wanted to be Israeli than any trace of culture should be rejected washed out and left behind. Them. That says some of them internalized this. But not young VIDH after all he thought to himself he was Israeli his mother tongue was Hebrew and he knew that just as soon as he finished high school, go serve in the idea of how much more Israeli can you be? At the same time, he also knew that his ancestors had lived in and been a part of the Arab world from Alenia. And that was part of him too. So he really was deep down. An Israeli Arab For him, there was nothing contradictory about those identities they were just parts of who he was. And the Middle East Arabic Arab culture. None of that was primitive or something to be ashamed of quite the opposite it was valuable familiar. Beautiful. As v inside his teachers the quote unquote establishment they were all simply scared. This is a very basic. Scientist. Few. Get a simulated can be oriented. And his friend as a story defeat understood that this fear could change people's fates, shape their futures and limit their opportunities.

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