Curfew in effect for Wauwatosa; National Guard activated


So fired by law enforcement around 76 in north just after eight PM. What does the police say? Protesters were throwing bottles at them, prompting their response. What does the police chief Barry Weber says they will continue to ask for voluntary compliance for the city's overnight curfew throughout the weekend. In a video message, Weber says officers have been instructed to consider any violations. On case by case situations where we tell our officers is a group that is voluntarily walking back to their car, and that is okay, let's go. People are 70 behavior that is unlawful or disorderly. Then we give them instructions numerous times to leave the area. They're provided sufficient opportunity to follow those instructions. Otherwise they're subject to arrest. The curfew will run from seven PM through six AM tonight and Sunday night. The arrest of Alvin Cole's mother and her several sisters during Thursday's protest in Tosa has led to a differing of opinions as to why it occurred tells the police say the arrests were for violating the city's curfew. Mayor Dennis McBride tells Wisconsin's afternoon news that is what law enforcement will do through the weekend. They're not getting beaten. They're not getting injured place are acting. That's ah, a lot of restraint. Cole's family attorney, Kimberly Motley claims police actions violated her client's civil rights to peacefully protest and we intend to find them. Accountable as much as we legally possibly can. To the full extent of the law, Rusty Mellberg, w T. M J knew

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