Trump and Biden spar from afar in dueling town halls

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Let's talk about what happened last night president trump and former vice president biden making their case to the American people are on Dueling town halls. I was sitting there with my remote going back and forth back and forth both events focusing on the trump administration's handling of the global. Pandemic. Do, you support herd immunity as a strategy essentially just lucky. The Cure. CanNot be worse than the problem itself we did the right thing we were expected to lose two, million, two, hundred, thousand people, and maybe more than that. We're at two hundred, ten, thousand people. One person is too much should never happened because of China it happened because of China and you have to get that and understand that there's a presidential responsibility to lead and he didn't do that. He didn't talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying in my view about the stock market. He worried if he talked about how bad this could be unless we took these precautions precautionary actions then in fact. The market down and his barometer success economies the market. Joining us up right now is political strategist and pollster Frank Luntz who watched the duly town halls with a focus group of sixteen undecided voters. Frank. What was the upshot? The upshot I've been trying to figure this out for the last couple of months? Why are these people still undecided after all this time after seeing all these different events and watching all the ads and I can answer for you right now They are nervous about trump's persona and are nervous about Joe Biden's policies, and that's what's holding them back. It's not that they can't see difference between the two candidates they see a tremendous difference. But the difference is an aspects of things, they don't like about each candidate and they're trying to decide which is more important to them. The fact that they really don't like Donald Trump as a person. Or the fact that they are really scared about what you're biding might do if he became president. Based on that assessment though as you talk to them and hear their their thoughts. Do you walk away from Matt Feeling like they're moving in one direction or another based on these events or anything else? Frankly know that they cannot decide and that they will not decide and that they're going to wait until Election Day, our history tells us that in the end if they haven't decided to support the incumbent that they end up to one supporting the Challenger. For Donald Trump the only way he can win at this point and frankly he should have done this debate it was to mistake van cancel it the only way now with this state dividing the way that they are with. So few people undecided is that he would have to win every single undecided voter and then win over four five percent who were leading to Joe Biden right now, that is a very tall order when you only have one more debate to come. To show you a couple of clips get your feedback on them. Last night president trump spoke about the economy during his townhall where Savannah Guthrie interviewed him take a look at this. We are going to have a phenomenal third quarter which will be announced on November. I just prior to the big November third day we're thinking this year red wave, but we're going to have a tremendous announcement I believe I mean we're gonNA find out but GDP is going through the roof. If we don't have somebody that raises taxes and quadruples taxes, which they want do and kills everything our economy's going to be phenomenal next year. was that an effective argument for your independence? No no, it was not. It's going to be phenomenal. It's going to be tremendous I. Guess you can applaud him for coming up with words that have three and four syllables but that's not what these undecideds are looking for. They do support they remember the economy before covert and give trump a lot of credit for that but they want to know the details how can he do it again? This current circumstance and they don't want these generalities they want to know exactly what he's going to do. They're never going to endorse him in his persona. They'll like how he attacks don't like the dish business that comes from him but did you appreciate his job and they appreciate his success they wanna see that he's going to be able to do that one more time. So franken next week, these two candidates are going to have their final debate together. Terms of approach if you were advising both candidates, you would be telling them what I be telling Joe Biden to repeat again and again. there. He goes again, you just the same line that Ronald Reagan used to remind people of what they're tired of and to remind people that there is simply frustrated and anxious and the quite frankly exhausted from this campaign. And for Donald, trump and I'm sure that he will not do this I would say look I would I would apologize to Joe Biden for that first debate I'm being very serious now I would apologize to him for that first debate and acknowledge that not everything has gone as planned but remind people that we did it before we did it again he's got the proof he's got the evidence did he knows what to do that it worked once and that it can work again I want to say one more clip. But before we do that, what do you make of all of the votes that are coming in by mail? As you're looking at the different tallies around the country, are you convinced that those are in? The prevailing wisdom is that people voting early voting for Biden do you believe that's the case I do and I'm doing a significant amount of polling on it right now, and by the way Andrew I hope that you can show the focus group because the one thing that's been very frustrating to me as upholster is that we're hearing from people like me and we're not hearing from the voters themselves and I think that that is constructive thing that could possible viewers frank let let's do. Let's do that right now because you you ask your Focus Group of sixteen hundred voters about the economy and we have a clip of that and I want to show it. With. Let's roll it. Trump had an opportunity to speak to undecided voters. He specifically mentioned the economy and what he says over and over again is it's GonNa be Great. It's going to be better than ever it's going to be. We're going to get right back to where we are and Thurs euro substance tobacco

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