Rapper Nuke Bizzle arrested for identity theft, fraud after boasting about unemployment scam in music video


Theft and fraud charges related to an unemployment scam or being leveled against a hip hop artist, and investigators say they didn't need to go far to find the inspiration behind the scheme. Fox is Rob Dawson. The Department of Justice confirmed they arrested 31 year old nuke biz ALS, whose real name is Fawn Trail, Antonio Baines When he was arrested last month in Las Vegas. He had eight employment development Department debit cards and all but one had names of other people on them. A police affidavit also adds that he had 92 nd D ID cards. Preloaded with money and send two addresses he had access to. It's the same crime he boasted about in a recent song in his music, video, E D. D. He and another rapper bragged about taking money from other people's cards. Neither veins nor his lawyer have commented.

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