Being surrounded by Cuban kids and my


15 arm came in 52. They settled into New York City right away. They, you know, work. Hard work. Hard labour manual labor on DH. We had the benefit of going through the New York City public school system at the time that it was doing great. Still. What brought them? What was what was the impetus for them to come here? It was all economic. You know, Puerto Rico had just gone through a very, very difficult, you know, Post great depression economy operation Bootstrap, which you know the listeners. You know, Google that and you'll see what that was all about. It was a post agricultural economy. So so there was there were very few jobs to be had. And New Yorkers willing, you know you had you had the The emergence of off the black community here and the Puerto Rican community coming in from the island, all because there were jobs in New York City on DH. That's the case today, it's still people are coming from Eastern Europe from

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