President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden


Are underway. It's set for Nashville tomorrow night, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will be making their final arguments ahead of the November 3rd election. The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates made one change since the first debate between Trump of Biden, the microphone of one candidate will cut off while his opponent delivers initial two minute answers to each topic. Both microphones will be active during subsequent open discussion segments. President Trump responded that he's not happy about the change but will participate. The 90 minute prime time debate will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News. President is hopping from one must win stop on his electoral map to the next in the lead Up to the debate will be in North Carolina today. Meanwhile, Biden is hoping for a boost from former President Barack Obama, who will be holding his first in person campaign event for biting today in Philadelphia. Biden has been holed up for debate prep in advanced of Thursday's face off

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