Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


In this podcast episode I thought, it would be fun to share some thoughts regarding perception specifically from a Buddhist perspective. Feel recall the Buddhist teaching of the five aggregates. These are form feeling perception, mental formations, and consciousness. These five aggregates are the best mls or the heaps that make up who or perhaps how we are. And the implication here is that perception plays a key role in how I go about experiencing my reality. I wanted to correlate all of this with an expression that I'm sure you've heard it's a common expression says beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this expression suggests that beauty doesn't exist on its own, but it arises in the one doing the observing, and I think that's a fascinating thought and I want to correlate this with the expression with the Buddhist understanding of the role that perception plays in how we experienced. So all of this started recently with a trip that I was on I was in Moab and Moab if you don't know as a very scenic place in Utah famous for the arches and several other national parks, the thought that I had while I was there. Of course I'm experiencing Moab from the air from a paraglider paraglider and as I was flying through there, I had a similar thought that I've had many times while traveling, which is, wow. This is such a beautiful place and followed pretty closely to. the thought that says you know people come from all over the world to see this, and then the reminder that any places like that this one happens to be very unique and beautiful, but all places her. And I remember one time when I was traveling, I was in Bali and I was walking through the rice paddies on a on a trip tour. And I would see the locals tend to their rice patties. And I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the landscape in the beauty of the place just felt like such a neat experience in the thought occurred to me that if I could pick someone from here out of their Rice Patty and take them to my home. They would probably have a similar feeling walking through. The streets and the trails behind my house and thinking how neat it is to recognize that again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for someone who's their local the scenery that to a visitor so unique and so different, and so beautiful to them as just ordinary day to day view and see the same thing happened to me my normal view where I live may become ordinary and and you. Know I think I have to go far to experience this beauty when in reality the beauty is it's everywhere because it's in the eye of the beholder. So that's that's kind of what was going on this past week as I was experiencing the beauty of Moab and I started to formulate all of these thoughts and how they relate to a Buddhist teaching, which is kind of what I wanNA share with you. Not, just with when we when we think of beauty, it's not just a painting for example that you look at you think, wow, what a beautiful painting but we do this with all things right with film is a good example if I I'm sure you have watched a movie at some point that was that moved to tears, right? Maybe it was a message or just the story of the movie that that really moved you. Now with a painting or with a movie you know if I were to tell you hey, there is a movie out there that if you watch it, it will profoundly change your. Life. Now if I tell you what movie that is, it won't work you might go watch the movie and say. You know that that that didn't do it for me. I didn't like that movie. And I'm sure you've experienced this right where someone a friend will tell you. You have to go watch this movie at such a good movie and they build it up and build it up and then you go watch it and you're like yeah, it was all right and they're stunned. What do you mean it was all right it's my favorite movie or backwards right maybe you had experienced movie or a song or a painting that you saw in a museum that really moved you and then you try to court you try to share that with someone and they just on experience at the same way.

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