150: Secret Screencasting Tips & Behind the Scenes of Tailwind CSS 2.0

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In this. Radio Adamant About Screen Casting Best Practices I tap his massive brain and pull out all of his juicy secrets and then we get into what's coming up for tailwind to this is full stack radio episode one hundred. And fifty. Adam what's up now? Much man how's it going? That's pretty well, actually having a good week. That's good. How's the Florida weather? Oh. Dude. Florida I'm still I mean as you can see still tank top in it so. This. Florida weather time like when it's nice. This is when there's nobody that lives here. That's complaining about anything. Yeah. The humidity. Yes. Perfect Yep. Whether is good. You're in a Hoodie so. Old, her here but. Definitely, there's no more warm days coming. You know what I mean like we had the last one I'm not sure when it was came and it's gone. You'll get like one bonus day somewhere between now in April, right? Yeah. It, you can't blame you might get like sixty five degree day still for lucky you know but. The sprinkler out and you just go for it 'cause. It's fine. Yes. Yeah. So yeah. So Hey, I've got an idea of something. We can do this episode since we have a little less time than normal. Okay. I am about to embark on a a lot of video recording. So planning to do like a long static series of screen casts covering basically every aspect of court of element yet, and like I've done a lot of live streaming I've done a lot of like video stuff before, but they tend to be more one offs. So if I don't love how I did it, it's not a big deal to Redo it. So I just like click record. Chris my font size and. Just go for it but. How many I'm doing and then like after this, I've got the radical design course content that's coming as well. So I just I WANNA like dial my video like screen casting. Game like up to eleven. So I don't find myself hating the decisions I've made. Like, three weeks from now. So you've done a lot of videos like way more video stuff than me. I met many videos in my day for sure you've got sure you've made mistakes and you've learned and you've gotten better. So I was hoping maybe we could kind of sound good breakdown. Some tips sounds good. Tips. Yeah. So we can either start by could just kind of brain dump every tip I can think of, and we can talk about them or if you have specific questions, we could start there or could. kind of I mean I think we'll do both but where to start the question. Yeah. Yeah. So I think maybe the the two main areas I I guess I would say would be one would be settings and like screen resolution. Font like ID stuff and he tips and not in the other would be young. Like planning and like I don't know if performance feels like the wrong word but it it it somewhat. So actual like tips as far as like the production part. Okay. So many tips. All right. Yeah. The first one on just like getting everything set up, there's a couple elements to like. The obvious one is like the screen resolution that's always the one that everyone wants to know. I think like different people have different ways of doing my preferred way is to change the resolution on my monitor to twelve, eighty by seven twenty but it's like the Mac Os Retina version of that. So it's like Yeah it's WBZ. So that's how much space you have but everything is like Super Crisp. So it's actually record at twenty, five, sixty by fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, forty, video I don't think options available just like looking at the displays thing but if you open the as. Well. There's this trickery hold option and click the scaled radio button and then it switches to. Text options instead of like the visual ones and you will find like the twelve eighty, seven, twenty, one there. So I always record like totally full screen at that size. And I. Keep like any notes or anything on my laptop screen. Now, I haven't done any screen casting since I started using one computer before I was using like an Imac and had my back book and that was actually ideal because that's like separate keyboards separate mouse. So if I, like have my laptop open on the side while I'm recording I can scroll around I can move the mouse without moving the mouse on the screen for rights didn't have to worry about like fading like moving the mouse off the screen and bring it back and like editing that yeah But now that I have a macbook connected to my computer I. Think are have to be a little bit more careful. There I think in a perfect world if you can use a totally separate device for your notes that's better. Sure. That's how I'd normally have things set up. I know like West boss records just a portion of his screen. He made like a little template of like a ten ADP like square and uses some tools to like have it permanently overlaid on a screen. So you just drags out somewhere and he can see like that's like the viewpoint for the video and so. Like screen flow to that, and then keeps his notes to the side like on the same screen, which I think also can work really well, sounds a little bit trickier to set up just like I'm a court haven't.

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