Kinda Cute Ep. 68 Everyone Wants to be Friends with Jordan Firstman


A flat iron books now. Flatiron books was the company that agreed to publish her first book and they gave her an advance of one hundred thousand dollars. She ended up not writing the book hence why she owed them that much and it was this big drama. She was contractually bound to them. She couldn't write certain things in her new book scammer because that's so allegedly she says scammer is now going to be the book she's wanted to be scared was supposed to come out in september. I bought a copy. Don't worry guys. I'm not asking for a refund. I still definitely wanna read it but it's a late. let's put it that way. I don't think there's any chance we're getting in two thousand twenty and she's free now though so she's very happy and she says she actually quit onlyfans because she believes that it should be reserved for the sex workers and not for you know pseudo celebs like herself. She didn't say pseudo celeb- but that's what i'm going to say. I think especially after all the bella thorne drama that we talk about on here of illuminated her ideas of how she felt about that so she stepped away from only fans. But i got into a discussion with one of my good friends who i know. Listen to this. I won't say her name just in case she doesn't want to be implicated in an only fans discussion but she is very anti influence or she doesn't think influencers should exist. She doesn't see the purpose of them. I am very pro influence. Our i would love to become an influence or myself escape from the doldrums of the law. You guys know this. If there's any you know podcast network listeners out there who wanted to take me on gimme a venue and maybe a paycheck. I would be attorney. Grateful and i am not turning to onlyfans again. I wish i had the assets and the ability to not be never spoken to again by my family. And then i would consider it. Sorry getting very. my friend is against influencers and telling her that i would legitimately like to represent only fans and protect them. Legally if i could think of like my ideal legal job. I want to get out of the law. But i've talked to on here so many times before about how there's these young stars on tiktok etcetera and they get taken advantage of in the entertainment world. They signed contracts that they don't know what they're signing and. I'm not saying that they don't know what they're signing. Obviously they can read it and they know what they're signing but i think sometimes they just don't realize the repercussions of what they're getting into. So i think. I would like to put that into the universe if my whole podcast influence. Our lifestyle doesn't work out. Currently i have a whopping one hundred and seventy-five subscribers on youtube. If you want to go one hundred and seventy six hint hint you can find me at bailey. Evan and remember to follow me on instagram bailey. Evan or it kind of cute podcast and hit me up in the. Dmz took a week off last week. And i really miss you guys. And i just want to hear from me more so reach out. Leave a five star review on apple itunes or wherever you listen you can go to rate this podcast. I'm blanking out if that's actually what it's called. I think it's review this podcast dot com slash kinda cute but don't despair. It's in the show notes for your ease you know. I put everything in the show notes. Alright we finished the undoing this week. And what did you see. I binged. I wasn't watching it as it came out. And i'm kind of glad because it's one of those ones where it always ends on a cliffhanger. You wanna know what happens next. It feels like it should just be kind of like a six hour long movie instead of tv show series and it was a limited series on hbo. Everyone's heard about now like the kardashians are all posting about it. It was starting to call him in and hugh grant now. I have a few thoughts that have nothing to do with the plot. First off. i think this really highlights sexism in hollywood because there are so many damn close ups on nicole kidman ass face literally smoother than my thirty-one-year-old face by a mile five miles just so plump. So many close ups in her really blue eyes. And then you have hugh grant who still looks like a snack but damn does he have some craters of wrinkles in his face so he still gets to be like the sex icon with his crater face and nicole. Kidman has been bo. Talks to the fucking gods. And i'm sorry getting off the undoing really quick. out this week. That jaylo said that she has never used bo talks. And i've said on here before. I don't buy it that she uses whatever skin line she's coming out with. I saw her expensive product list. I want to believe her that she's never done bo talks and maybe she truly is that blessed. But i'm telling you. I got bo talks two months ago and these wrinkles are already coming back with a vengeance so i just don't buy it and putting that on the record back the doing the other thing that struck me about this is the stupid opening intro. Can someone please explain me. What the symbolism of that stupid opening us two little girls playing with bubbles like is it. Is it innocence. Is it okay. Kenzi thinks that's great because the girl does have like red hair reddish hair but on top of that nicole. Kidman is singing the theme song which may be supports that theory. That is grace. But it has no relevance to the show. It was kinda creepy. I didn't enjoy watching it. And i'm totally fine. Never having to see it again but if someone can explain to me the deeper symbolism going on there again slide into those.

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