Pelosi, Schumer back stimulus bill after months of holding out for more money


We've got House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate of Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer supporting a $908 billion bipartisan stimulus proposal. They said it could be the foundation for a new round of negotiations with congressional Republicans and the White House and this marks the first public retreat from their backing of a much larger $2.4 trillion pandemic relief package. So the move putting pressure now on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP to act Meanwhile, McConnell on the Senate floor today, said he's been circulating his own plan to fellow Republicans. But at the risk of repeating something we all know Mr President. Making law will require not just the Senate's approval, but also the signature of the president of the United States. So after several conversations with Secretary of the Treasury and the White House shooting, Steph I put forward yesterday another proposal. Reflecting what the president Is ready to sign into law. We're told. This is largely a revision of an earlier $500 billion plan that had been rejected by Democrats says inadequate. Even so, House Majority Leader Steny Hope, Sawyer said House and Senate leaders a striving for a deal on pandemic relief by the weekend. And it will be voted on in the middle of

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