Anthony Fauci expected to meet with Joe Biden's transition team Thursday


This is a probably the most fraudulent election that anyone's ever seen. President elect Joe Biden and Dr Anthony Fauci are scheduled to hold a teleconference today. I'm looking forward to it, it likely will be the first of a Syriza's of normal type of transition undertaking, she says. Normal transition items such as the state of vaccines and the overall Corona virus pandemic are on the agenda. A central Texas mayor regrets vacationing in Mexico while telling people to avoid travel due to the coronavirus, I know that in my position, I need to send a clearer message. I'm sorry I took that trip. It was a lapse in judgment, and I want you to know that I apologize. Austin Democratic Mayor Steve Adler says he didn't violate any coronavirus health orders When he traveled in early November after his daughter got married. The mayor admits to being worried the trip could be used to justify risking Behavior. Ah, volunteer at the Big Cat Rescue made famous by the Netflix series. Tiger King is recovering after a gruesome attack today, officials say the volunteer at the tap of facility nearly had her arm ripped off while feeding

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