A highlight from 278: Finding Pleasure In Your Relationship And With Yourself


Natural catholic doctor entrepreneur. Women's health disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver educate and talk about sexual health wellness and pleasure for women. She also owns and operates. Health overall the premier naturopathic wellness clinic for women in toronto and jordan is an expert on hormone imbalances libido bio maker testing and providing individualized healthcare. So that her patients results in our power to take control of their own journey to optimal health and most importantly she just had a little baby girl that is twelve days old and we were really honored that she took the time to come on the show today. Yeah that's something. I never experienced obviously with the twelve year old twelve year old twelve day. Let me tell you. I was not doing interviews when stella was twelve days old. Put it that way so promise to jordan. That's for sure in in today. We talk about something in detail that we haven't really had a whole show on in that is finding pleasure in your relationship and self by discovering what it is that you want and learning to ask for it and jordan gives some great tips for doing just that for understanding what it is that we want maybe the underlying need there and then how to ask for from our partner in sometimes. It's not something we always need or should be asking for in. Jordan gives us some specific examples in some really great tips in today's show. She does and all you moms out there. That may be telling yourself or asking yourself what it is that you want and then before you even figure it out having that crazy mom guilt while we talk about that in today's show so stay tuned to hear a little bit on what jordan says In regarding that. And i'm not complaining but dot guilt is the thing to not not the same it is. It is all right guys as always we appreciate you guys tuning in telling your friends and family about the show sending us emails subscribing to our newsletter. We'll get the free happy couple. Fourteen day challenge checking out the spark my relationship course we are enrolling people almost daily and having a lot of great feedback from that so we appreciate everything and we hope you enjoy the show before we jump into today's interview. We wanna tell you about our online course spark my relationship. Do you want to create more passion improve your communication and build a stronger more intimate connection with your partner in less than ninety days. Then you guys need to check out. Our online course spark my relationship. It is an online course. Like i mentioned that we created with over fifteen therapists psychologists to bring you guys these strategies marriage therapists teach their clients. We talk about it on the show. Relationships take work. Sometimes they functioned pretty easily and yukos along. But we've found the reality is as you have to do. Work sometimes in to make them better to change them so that the more satisfying for both partners. And you've made it here. You've made it to listening to our show so you guys probably already know that a little bit but what you might not know are the specific tools and exercises that you need to create those lasting and positive improvements in your relationship and like chase said. Change does not happen on his own. It takes hard work. And that's why we created the course sparked one relationship is designed to infuse your life in relationship with fresh passion skills in wisdom and it's a self paced journey. That's perfect for turning up the heat having some fun. Together in revolutionizing your intimacy in communication and just some

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