Writing and Marketing Books During the Pandemic With Michelle Jackson and Gertrud Nonterah


Welcome everyone spending another episode of the thought card podcast. Today we have two very very special guests. They're both my internet buddies. I've actually met michelle in real life as well and hope to g soon but we have a lot in common we are all podcasters. We are all also authors and we're all have a liking in an interest in the personal finance space as well. So i really wanted to bring us all together to talk primarily about what it's like writing right now during the pandemic because it does its little challenging like there's good things there's bad things there's good days and bad days but has honest conversation. I think will be helpful for those who are thinking about writing books or those who are writing books right now. So why don't we go around the room and introduced ourselves and what types of books you right. so let's start with g. a. l. Yell so thank you so much for having me on your podcast. I really appreciate you. I am many things and wear many hats. But i can help you Launch reminds writing. Business where you get paid anywhere between one hundred and five hundred dollars to write articles and you can do multiple times over and over and actually make that a living And i also coach women on how to take a book idea from blank page to complete book as well as with a marketing clan. And i absolutely have a passion for these things. I have a passion for writing. I run Several projects Like you all. I wear several different hats for the purpose of this conversation. I run a personal finance website and podcast called. Michelle is money. agreed. Where michael is really help. People have empathetic conversations about money but also to monetize what you already know monetize and sell what you already know and leverage the internet to do that and e-books in particular In britain content similar to g does is where. I'm focused i started my interest with. E-books was a kind of fostered. Because i hate it low paying freelance work. And because i was able to leverage the book sales to a certain amount whereas getting really nice income coming in i stopped freelancing and then was able to go back in an almost eight months later in only pig great clients because i had money the end from these different revenue streams so I love leveraging writing as a skill in. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun to talk about all these. yes well. I am super excited. Gee i think we're gonna get started with you. What inspired you to write a book during the pandemic this is a book had been monster to write for a really long time rights and i think that office in the office. I coach most of the time when they come to me. It's not because they don't have the ability to write a book. It's not they don't have ideas. But because maybe they're in their own heads about it right or They've been using everything else is on excuse as to why they won't write the book and so when the pandemic hits and we could go nowhere literally go nowhere. I was like life. First of all life is really short and then on top of that like all your excuses to do stuff right now just went out the window. So why don't you just sit down and write so i had. I had this that. I was already writing so this is a good time to finish it. I gave myself a month to finish the book completely. And then another month to edit and then And get the book covering all that together within two months my book you know i was able to launch the book so i had been wasting it for a while but i think one of the pandemic happened a little my excuses who out the window and also i think that it made a lot of us have rethought. A lot of things in this pandemic happened right i. There's not a single person on the planet right now that That have not that. Hasn't rethought everything so my book Is win felines writing. It's on amazon right now. And you know. I i talk about writing. I get questions while what's felines writing. How can i get started. And so i put all that into volumes so that people could go purchase that on amazon. That's why i finished writing the book. I had the book idea. I never really to finish. And the pandemic really got a lotta thinking right. So i'm one of those things was get your book out girl. So so that was. That was why i would in the middle of a pandemic very very inspiring now michelle. I know that your story is a little bit different because you had quite a few books already the queue that you were going to release and the pandemic hit so what do you think is has been the hardest part of writing all these books that you're ready had planned during this time. Well it's interesting. Because i actually was working very specific strategy. I had already released a few books in january february. And i'm going to tell you the names of those just to give you context about how things went really left so for my romance fiction. I decided to write a series of books that take place at the vets. That event was the olympics. The olympics the the first year says first time since world war two that the freaking olympics are canceled. I have these books that i was working specific strategy with and i was like i want to say a bad word but i'm not going to okay however for my not fiction books. I had two other ones that i wrote and out again this january february and the second the first one in his share of i actually had recorded additional interviews to be embedded into that book is supplement the book

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