Who killed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh?


We start with breaking news. And iran's defense ministry has confirmed that one of the country's top nuclear scientists has been assassinated two diff- of muslim fucker. Saudi is very much proving to be one of those stories in which people will see whatever confirmations of their own prejudices and suspicions they wished to it might reasonably be argued that this description applies in the online epoch in particular to pretty much every story but it is especially the case with stories set in the middle east and which may would depending wh one prefers to believe may not involve israel. So it's best to start with what we know for certain. We know that molson fucker. Zodda was a renowned nuclear physicist a senior engineering of iran's nuclear program and a brigadier general in iran's islamic revolution regard core. He is believed to have been deleted of what was known as project amid the program. Iran established in the late nineteen eighty s to explore the prospects of iranian nuclear weapon and closed in two thousand three according to the international atomic energy agency. We know that he was killed. Last friday near absorbed a small town seventy kilometers east of tehran. And that he was buried with full state on. Who's on sunday law. Main hobby lobby. No optic not that big van owen ruling to the questions of precisely how he was killed by whom there is a bewildering smorgasbord of answers. While it seems clear enough that Was shot dead as the car in which he was. Travelling was the object of an ambush. There are conflicting reports of this assassination being conducted by a posse of live operators. Some of whom may or may not have died at the scene and or by some species of remote controlled weapon monotony iran bit who we bid and me. The enemies of iran have to know that the iranian nation and the country's officials a brave and intrepid enough to respond to this criminal action. As on a has dan in dommage in our yet caught on era by-pass off pigs around as to who might have done it. Iranian officialdom and iranian media have been quick to blame either israel or the mujahedeen e. Cock a curious cultish iranian rebel group which has been a persistent irritant to the islamic republic. And who currently appear to be based between iraq. France and albania. The has also been an amount of copy pasted umbrage directed at the united states or as president hassan rohani of iran prefers to address it the global arrogance on record. Israeli sources have feigned bafflement though the new york times has quoted an unnamed senior. Israeli official is suggesting that the world should thank israel. Four reside is demise. The mujahideen have been reticent. As of this broadcast the iran has yet to present any concrete evidence of their assertions. And if and when they do it will likely be impossible for any independent observers to verify them and iran does reflexively blame israel for pretty much anything it is only a couple of years since former head of iran's military major general signed fear is a body accused of running a network of spy lizards. But it's not like there isn't something of a circumstantial case to answer this year. Several sites in iran which might or might not have been related to iran's nuclear program was struck by explosions which did not appear coincidental and at least four other iranian. Nuclear scientists have met violent ends since two thousand ten to killed by car bombs one by a motorcycle. Bomb one shot dead. In most instances iran blamed israel and israel denied involvement while also making it as clear as it could be regarded even the faintest prospect of a nuclear armed iran as intolerable almost ziff inviting tehran to take the hint and a is at least arguable. Most infact saudis college was marked in two thousand eighteen when israeli intelligence highsted from a warehouse in tehran thousands of files pertaining to iran's nuclear program when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced his feet. He mentioned zadeh by name. A key. part of the plan was to form new organizations to continue the work. This is how dr moosa farkas the of project about put remember that name a day so along with the questions of who and how there is another why in particular wine now whoever killed most fuck resolve will have known that iran would feel obliged to retaliate or at least threatened to retaliate. And that this would make any kind of diplomacy with tehran difficult. Whoever killed muslims will also have understood that a window to such engagement might have been about to open interior. Vashon sean medicare dishman salvage assassination shows. The enemies are experiencing anxious weeks feeling. That the pressure's fading away. And the world circumstances a change a heart. The camby share shadow. It's johnny you're gonna with the swearing in of a new american president who has sounded keen on returning the us to the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal with iran out of which the current president flounced of the possible consequences. All fockers ought is death to seem reasonably certain one that iran's nuclear ambitions whatever they may actually be will have been hinted at least some ought to that. Compromise with iran will be less likely someone somewhere will be considering this a win win

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