The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


The author of the articles on this website is Jane Anderson and she's a health writer that has CEAC disease herself and I've been using this website for a number of years and it hasn't failed me yet and she regularly updates it. So typically she does different foods like I was telling Theresa before we went on Air Thanksgiving is coming up. You know if some if a family member is going to host although I don't know what we're doing this year. But if we do our typical thanksgiving, I will get on this very well health dot com and look at the latest update of what are the gluten free Turkey brands available, and then I'll let our thanksgiving hosts know that and she'll by a gluten free Turkey but they all Jane Anderson also has personal care products. So I just printed off her latest one April Ninth Twenty, twenty, five titled the Nine Best. gluten-free shampoos she lists avalon. Jason is another brand a cure. is another brand and she has some more, and then if you WANNA get really technical she actually spells out those scientific names that you're looking to avoid in an ingredient list. So yeah, I highly recommend that website. Yeah. That's a really helpful resource and those brands that you named I. Think I've seen those at target or at least hopefully. They are in your regular stores. And you know some people believe that having a gluten sensitivity is just a fad. But as a Dietitian who works with clients daily I see many adverse health effects that disappear when people choose to no longer gluten grains and replace those carbs with vegetables. Sure sometimes, it can be challenging for my clients to think about lunch without a sandwich as an option. But they are willing to make that switch, and of course, I help them make that switch as far as let's come up with some easy lunch items that aren't a sandwich. But by doing so they have. Eliminated a major source of their inflammation discomfort or pain right and your client story the one with the Shampoo and the migraines jogged my memory. It made me think of when I first started at nutritional weight and wellness almost fifteen years ago now. So that was before our family had discovered that we had to go gluten free and I remember the first client that I had in my office that was living the gluten-free lifestyle and back then I was so addicted to bread. I could not fathom a life without gluten saw this was fascinating to. Me that this lady was living without eating gluten and I remember asking her was it hard to give up all of those gluten containing foods that you loved and she didn't even hesitate she said, no, she said it wasn't hard for her because once she made the connection that it was the gluten making her joint pain unbearable. She said from then on whenever she looked at a muffin baked bread or pasta she saw pain and so that made it easy. Yeah. I'll never forget that she said I saw I see pain when I look at You know anything containing. Gluten. while. You are listening to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. We are living in a very stressful time a few weeks ago. One of my clients commented to me that she had an extreme fear of the coronavirus. She then said quote I realized I'm doing everything I can to support my immune system I e four home cooked meals daily I eat only organic foods. I'm not eating sugar I'm one hundred, percent gluten free I'm either walking outside or doing yoga daily I'm taking sufficient amounts of vitamin D three to keep my vitamin D level over fifty I'm sleeping at least seven and a half to eight hours every night I take five milligrams of Melatonin before bed. So I sleep through the night and I'm actively volunteering to help people which makes me feel good. When I realized all of the health habits I have now because of what I learned from you. I am no longer afraid I am in charge of my health and I feel great and quote. And it's so rewarding for me to work with these clients and hear their positive outlooks. This is an example of what nutritional counseling is all about. Let's face it most meet people need to feel in charge of something particularly now during the covid nineteen situation and feeling in charge of their health is a positive way that they can deal with these stressful times. Welcome back to this you know nutrition. If you're just joining us, my name is calcium in studio with theresa were discussing the link between osteoperosis and other auto immune diseases and a gluten sensitivity. Before we jump back into that topic, I just want to say if you feel like you need help practicing good health habits to support your immune system being that we are not only in the middle of. Pandemic. But we're coming up upon cold and flu season as well. 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