168: How Colleges Respond During a Crisis/Creating Your Scholarship Tracker


Link to more information. I tell students all the time had the original link. So let's say if you're on a web database such as fast web or scholarships.com and there's a link there. I tell students to click through it until you get to the original source so that you can read and have all the information coming directly from the source and not from the web database the next column. I like to have the deadline. I like to have that front and back. You know right after the length the name of the scholarship the link to get more information or were you apply but that deadline again, it's really important that students are working on the thing that's coming up next and when they say those deadlines they work on that. You know, what's what's a priority? I also have a column for award about because sometimes that's just that little extra incentive to the student that you know, there's money attached to this and so you really want to focus on getting it and then if there's anything else that needs to accompany the application any type of documentation home if you need a letter of recommendation, if maybe it's asking for your student aid report or to complete a a neat analysis of financial need analysis, but it's really good that to know what documentation is needed because sometimes you may have to work on that outside of the application and attach it or submit it shortly after submitting the application. The case of a recommendation letter ask someone else to write it and you know, you're asking someone to do something that requires their time and their effort so it's important to give them time to work on it. So I do want to provide a final tip as you are organizing your scholarships a couple of things number one, make sure you're checking every week. You don't want to miss anything simply because she did not check your your database or your your calendar or your paper planner or the accordion folder. So make sure you're checking and then once you receive a reply. Go ahead and update your your list, did you win? If so, how much is there anything else that you need to do to confirm that award if you did not and it's something you can apply to as a college student make a note of that as well because sometimes scholarships are not just for high school seniors. Some of them are for current college students. And so your student may be able to apply a job. As in a college student and that way you already have it on your your list and you just need to update it for the next upcoming school year. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of the scholarship Sharpe podcast. If you like to reach out to us visit us at the scholarship shark.com. So join me next week for more tips on College admission and scholarships.

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