Interview With Amy Toensing


So. How are here so you? Holding up in the midst of all this madness. I, you know in the grand scheme of things. I feel very lucky but that doesn't mean that on a daily basis I'm not like pulling my hair and. Try to remember Hala game but definitely, it's been a little crazy I. don't know if you feel this I was thinking about this recently like it just it's weird that it's Gotten Kind. Of normalized on. So many levels with what's going on. It's like we've just adjusted. You know how you need. I think it also involves a certain degree of denial. Yeah. There's a lot of. Yeah. Because I think he caught up to me emotionally about two three weeks ago. I'm constantly busy with things. So and then one day, I couldn't be busy enough. Credibly fatigued. And there was nothing happening in terms of my health, my life to sort of explain it that I think he just like. It was just so much constant noise. Yeah. That I felt like I couldn't escape. It was just like Oh my God I just need to. decompress I spent a couple of days disconnected reading Brooke, taking long naps. Like I didn't realize how much I needed it until I needed it. It's just insane what's happening it's just it's so crazy the politics right now are just it's so upside down and then at the same time, there's this undercurrent of trying to. Just live logic just the logistics of it you know. With life staff and then your lake in the new the noise and what's happening to is just so the upheaval is insanity. So I'm with. But I haven't had that moment. Me We. Finally, we went camping on our land couple of weekends ago we bought land up Nevada on duck sweep made husband myself three-year-old. We all moved to Syracuse New York mayor for new job that I got as a tenure track professor at Syracuse University. So that's like a massive change but. With living in Syracuse it was like, okay. We're going to get at least get landed on exit. WE'RE GONNA move out stay he'd. Have some sort. It's to have rumors, but they going out and camping was the I. Guess that resonates with what you're talking about like just kind of shutting down a little bit was very helpful. The quiet that's for sure I find these conversations give me at least an hour respite. I can. I get to talk shop with interesting people and. Usually am left with. Not usually almost every time. Left with A feeling of positivity positivity in hope. So I hope that that's what listeners to take away from it when they when they listen to the show. Oh, yeah and I think just like a segue from the evening with the masters I think that that was an I'm making my way through the talks right now video. Again we three year olds I just I didn't make to a lot of them over the summer as the timing of it for the East Coast. It was bedtime every time it was happening. So you didn't go over very well with timing, but now it's amazing to listen to it so. It. It gave me an excuse to find out more about you because I knew of your work. But that was the first time. I've ever really had a chance a good chance to sort of take it in. And I really enjoyed your presentation thought it was wonderful but. Look even more look forward to having an hour with you today. So thank you again for for doing this. In in doing my research, I saw presentation that you did in which you and several other photographers were working with. Like Somali the offers African photographers sort of a project with the. National Geographic or. At. Least National Geographic distributed the video for it was it. Was it. National. Right I mean I've done a lot of camps. So was it in Kenya or was it in the United States with similar because we are to Somalia there was photographer called Chill Mel mayank yeah. Amazing photographer. You're sitting down with Catherine Simone. Krona. Yes. Oh. That's okay. I know what you're talking about now we did. So it was really cool. They came to. DC. Yeah. That's what you're talking about. There are south Sudanese

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