2 Federal Prosecutors To Serve As Election Officers, Handle Voting Rights Complaints For Southland Counties Including Los Angeles


S attorney's office, moving ahead with efforts to respond to any reports of voting rights violation here in Southern California, beginning with the start of early voting and extending all the way through election Day and beyond. Not one, but two Assistant U. S attorneys have a designated his district. Action officers to respond to matters involving potential violation of voter rights or other complaints in seven Southern California counties. Mac Jenkins, the chief of the public corruption in the Civil rights section of the U. S attorney's office, says they're aware of heightened public discussion over issues related to mail in balloting and ballot harvesting. But what he doesn't think that would lead to a rash of incidents of potential voter intimidation or other actions happening. They're taking no chances, but I can't say that essentially there been triple the amount of resources that air dedicated Tio these complaints and concerns and this awareness So that means that this FBI command post that will be service throughout Election Day, and there's a lot of the resource is being dedicated to it. That's specialized FBI Command Post is set to go into operation to field phone or online reports of any potential violations of election law or vote fraud or voter intimidation of all kinds. From this weekend through Election Day and beyond, If needed, Pete Demetriou Okay in next 10 70 NewsRadio in

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