Can I seed the lawn into late October?


Says I live about two miles south of Lake Erie and twenty miles west of Cleveland. Is it too late to aerate and overseed my lawn? Would it be better to aerate and overseed in the spring break? Well now that that's kind of a tough thing on training there is a I'm going to call it a lake effect band around Lake Erie read that runs anywhere from two to five miles south of the Lakeshore just because of the body of water slowing the effects of change now grass seed is pretty resilient. I think if Murray was to get or have help getting the sly seating done and feeding done immediately and that would mean yet this afternoon or certainly within this next week wage. I think there would be reason to slice seed that first of all opens up the lawn. Let's the more air inlets fertilizer percolate better in terms of that. And I think there's still time enough will let's vote on it. Anyhow, go ahead and slice seed by all means that seed that does germinate. I think it will have long a period of time to grow to be up to about more Heights which means it should be sturdy enough to make it through winter some seed that hasn't germinated will lay their dormant until spring so that the job is already done now if it can't be done yet this afternoon or very shortly I would say definitely it would be a good thing to do again in the spring break. I I don't know. My lawn is not like a golf course or even close but I I like to keep it green all the time and it takes a little receding from time to time along with them. Aeration and so on and even the speaking of aeration if it can be done you could Air corps are eight and then slice seed and etcetera or that can be done again in the spring now. It's a little hard to get past what I'm going to call mushy with the constant rains of spring. So I like to get it done this time of year. But at the same time it's like seating is perfectly acceptable in the spring the earlier within reason the earlier you can get into the ground get it done the better because as soon as the heat hits things of course slowed down a little but I would say go ahead and get it done right now if you can your area should be and I'm semi familiar with that. I would say get it done. But if you can't smoke then certainly it can be done again in the spring with pretty nearly the same results.

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