Resilient Leadership in Anxious and Uncertain Times


Welcome to extraordinary women radio Christine. I am so excited to have you join me today. I know this is going to be so much fun. You and I are long long time Pals and I am just thrilled to have you hear me to thank you for having me. Yeah, and you've got so many interesting stories. I know you're going to be sharing with us today. We we've talked a little bit about this direction that we're going to go in and and I know that you were sitting in meditation this week actually thinking about you know, what is it that wants the flow through you and this week on this conversation and I love first of all you were doing that because that's there's so much Beauty and stopping & pausing and listening to that inner wisdom that's there for us to find jobs then being able to hear Hear that message that that bubbles up and I know you and I have had many many conversations about this and what I know it came up for you was accepting when it's time to Pivot off and I love this first of all, and it's it's funny because any of my listeners are going to go wait a minute you've been talking about it's not about the pivot and sometimes it's not about a pivot in this crazy or sometimes. We really have to stand in our truths and and who we are and just show up and serve our our people and at the same time there's definitely times and places. Where would we need to Pivot? And I know that's a theme that has been showing up for you for multiple years in different ways. You've been very courageous and brave and how you should up in your pivot should tell us a little bit. Why you think that's the topic that came it came up for you on this. Sometimes we don't know what's going to come up right part of it makes no true. Right right opening to The Unknown. So this definitely wasn't coming from you know, this song theoretical analytical part of my brain now, I will say I may have been influenced because I've been watching the NBA finals and you know, there's there's a pendant in basketball who knows that that had anything to do with the it's okay. So I'm going to add you on that because guess what I used to play basketball in high school and we had the best coach we're off we had he taught us how to Pivot and this really strong space where we when we pivot we pivot with our body and we'd hold the ball in front of us and we'd pivot which keeps you safe from them, you know, having a foul or anything like that. There's such strength in that so I'm just going to let that keep moving off of that that theme you know, and as you know in basketball, you can't pivot all the time off. Like to your point there's a time in the game when you strategically go up on you know, you always leave one foot on the ground right when you pivot right? You're not home, right? Very good. You think about like you leave that one foot and then you literally can pivot 360 degrees with a ball and I say there is wisdom in knowing when to let go off all and win to let come what needs to come into your life. And so for some reason that seems to be the overriding theme that came through Thursday. So tell us some of your I know you've got multiple stories of pivoting. Where do you want to start share a little share a little share a bit about you and just your journey that's gotten you to this point. I know you've built this amazing incredible company and I'm always so proud of the work that you know, you are doing in the world. I just go look at the work you're doing and I'm very exciting. For you, but you have a you have some some big pivots you've made. Very much. So and I was thinking all the way back to 1994. So somebody do the math. You'll figure out that that was a long time ago. And at that point I was living in San Francisco that place of my dreams. I had the dream job working in Corporate America and knowing that this was I thought this is it off. This is where I'm going to be and a pivot came and that pivot brought me to Denver where I transitioned from my corporate career, which was advertising sales in the high tech magazine publishing industry. I pivoted to being a stay-at-home mom and I would put those in quote stay at home because I don't know any mom who stays at home and I certainly didn't wage and for a number of years. I took a detour from my professional career to raise three children by kept one foot in the professional world all the time whether it was dead, Marketing Consulting sales, I even became a book publishing coach at at some time

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